Good news for engineers in the automotive industry! General Motors is rumored to be adding 1,000 engineering jobs in Ontario, Canada. These engineers will be involved in developing self-driving technology, cloud-connected car technology, and other projects GM might be busy with.  An unidentified source - who spoke to the Globe and Mail - confirmed the rumors saying that the Oshawa branch would get 300 new engineering jobs, whilst the Markham branch would get 700 new jobs, all in Ontario. 

Time to move to Ontario, it seems. The company was pushed for comment, however, all they replied with was: "On June 10th, GM Canada will be making an announcement at our Canadian Engineering Centre." If the rumors are true, it is good news for qualified engineers who are looking for work in the automotive field. The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be attending the ceremony, so it's a big deal. It is a particularly important announcement due to the fact that GM has been spending some of its $750 million in research and development money in getting more engineers on board. 

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The company currently employs 9,000 people in Canada. 

Further afield, in the United States, it was reported that only 38,000 new jobs were made available in April, meaning that engineering jobs were few and far between last month. However, one branch of engineering was projected to do very well in the upcoming years. The New York State Department of Labor said that electronics engineers would see an employment increase of 2.8% between 2010 and 2022. This translates to 20 annual openings a year, in New York alone. 

Elsewhere in the United States, San Diego is need of civil engineers. At a recent conference named Emerging Careers for 2016, the state expressed its need for the engineers. Brooke Emery, assistant project manager at the California Department of Transportation said: "Civil engineers will be needed to manage projects to rebuild bridges, repair roads, ports, railways, and upgrade levees and dams. Quality of life and safeguarding the environment are important and will continue to become more prominent. As the population continues to grow, civil engineers will also be needed to make the infrastructure multimodal and more suitable to mass transit." 

Source: Democrat & Chronicle / CBC News

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