Recently, construction industries have been reporting a drop in job numbers and a lack of jobs becoming available on a global scale. In Australia, a recruitment agency named Hays is now reporting that jobs are available in the transport, rail and civil engineers industries but it seems like qualified individuals aren't there to fill any of the positions.

EIT Stock ImageAccording to Sourceable, Hays is reporting job opportunities for design engineers with civil engineering experience in road building. Rail engineers are also being asked for with "track or electrification" experience. The official number of jobs becoming available sits at ten percent up compared to 2015, according to the Department of Employment in Australia. 

The developments in need of engineers are:

  • Australia Inland Rail Expressway 
  • North West Rail Link
  • WestConnex: road and rail links 
  • NorthConnex
  • Upgrades to Pacific Highway in New South Wales 
  • Melbourne Metro Rail
  • Western Distributor Project 
  • Gold Coast Rail project in Queensland


The Australian Construction Industry Forum has also expressed its confidence in civil engineering investment in the country. The current investment is $23.9 billion and could grow to as much as $30 billion by 2018/19. 

Elsewhere in the world, Canada is also looking for engineering professionals in construction roles. The Conference Board of Canada states that employment growth has doubled the national average. The board observed the engineering employment hiring practices over a 17 year period. 

"The rapid growth of this sector of the Canadian economy demonstrates why engineering and applied science technology offers so many promising career opportunities," said Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) president Bob van den Berg. 

According to DailyCommercialNews, in 2013/14, 400,000 Canadians were employed in STEM careers. The government of Canada is sure that when the current string of older engineers retires, there will be space in the engineering career job listings in Canada.  

The report in question was named  Assessing the Economic Contribution of Canda's Engineering and Applied Science Technicians and Technologists. The report indicated that civil engineering jobs showed stronger employment growth than other statistics in the country from 1997-2014. 

Good time to be a civil engineer in Australia and Canda. Eh? 

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