The Philippines is encouraging their engineers to get more equipped for the current construction industry. This means other engineers should be brushing up on their skills as well to compete with ever-expanding skillsets from the Philippines. The construction industry is allegedly performing quite well, whilst globally, it is struggling to gain momentum in some areas like Australia. Megawide Construction Corporation is putting their weight behind training "construction professionals" in hopes that they would work both in the Philippines and abroad. 

"Filipino engineers, architects and other construction professionals should improve their skills and stock up on construction project management knowledge to better compete with their counterparts from abroad. In the next few years, most of the large-scale multi-billion-peso construction projects would come from public-private partnerships and foreign investors who want to put up world-class hotels and other facilities. These will need more competent construction project managers to ensure higher quality of work," said Megawide President and Chief Operating Officer Engineer, Edgar Saavedra. 

The growth of the industry was reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Reportedly, from January to September 2015, in the Philippines, there were 92,788 projects which totalled more than US$13billion in the country. 

Saavedra, talking to MB.com, said, "The global construction industry is constantly developing new sets of challenges and better standards of quality, but unfortunately, Filipino construction professionals, including construction project managers, are being left behind with only their industry work experience to show as credentials." 

A series of seminars is reportedly being formulated to bring the construction engineers a wider and more updated education. It would apply to civil engineering and architecture professionals and will teach the business side of construction to the engineers as well. 


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