Global Engineering organizations have created cross-cultural spaces wherein all races, religions, and personality types coexist. And with more first world countries looking to take their engineering education and training beyond their borders, the meeting of cultures will increasingly occur. Today it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you have the knack for engineering you can be educated and trained up to a global spec.

As early as the turn of the millennium, the year 2000...

Paul Celenza is the College Manager at the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT); he has worked for the college for eight years. Upon a recent visit to South Africa, Paul reflected on eight years of change and innovation in the education sector and revealed more about EIT’s novel approach to the future of engineering education and training

EIT’s sister company, IDC Technologies, began offering courses to students over 25 years ago; short engineering professional development courses, on...

The validity of any engineering education and training institution lies in the accreditation of its courses. An ongoing mission for qualification boards around the world is to find providers that are truly educating and training up to spec, and to flag those which are problematic.

Technological advancement has enabled education providers to reassess and rejig their approaches to education; with the advent of the internet, new learning platforms have emerged. But still, recognition and...

Mulweli Yolanda Mafukata went from a high school nestled away on a farm, to studying towards a career in engineering in a big city. On the 8th of January 2018, she tweeted an image of herself on-site, wearing a hard hat, high visibility vest, and a pair of robust boots.

Her tweet read: “What a man can do, so can a woman”. It provides the world with a window into the life of a modern South African engineering student. She had been tasked with collecting samples from a coal processing plant -...

Cardboard Stem Cut Out

There is a toy revolution occurring. A renewed, concerted effort is underway to make toys for children and young adults, to condition their minds in preparation for the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Schools are implementing STEM programs which involve classroom renovations that are stimulating, but fun. For some time now too many students have been losing interest in science and maths, even before they reach high school, making it very difficult for them to...

UK Old Flag

The United Kingdom is between a rock and a hard place in the lead up to exiting the European Union. One of the concerns is that with a hard Brexit, EU students may not form part of the makeup of engineering professionals in the country’s future. Thus, more British-born students are being encouraged to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) qualifications.

The Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, has used reverse-psychology to encourage more students to invest in STEM...

Ipad laptop

The world is still looking for the most effective way of educating and training people. Privately owned universities and institutions are keeping their eyes on initiatives in the business sector.


Universities are looking towards the most efficiently built organizations of the last decade, noticing how they have construed to scale up. With the arrival of the internet and lower cost technologies, institutions have had to formulate new strategies. They have created...

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The future is yours for the taking.

This good ole’ adage has driven many into PANIC MODE; there is undue stress for young people when it comes to picking a vocation.

A fresh batch of school-leavers have just begun their academic year and many will have chosen the discipline of engineering – they will be wondering which field of engineering will best suit them and provide them with good job prospects.

Engineering graduates should reassure these undergraduates with the following advice...

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It may be a landmark year for Indian engineering. This year, at the end of March, India’s Space Research Organization (ISRO) will land an unmanned rover on the moon.

They will be sending an orbiter, a lander, and a rover in what it is being called the Chandrayaan-2 mission. Directly translated, using a combination of Sanskrit and Hindi, Chandrayaan means ‘Moon Vehicle’. ISRO has sent an orbiter around the moon before, but eventually lost contact with it.

The project’s cost has seen...

Online education is rapidly innovating. Education traditionalists may have thought that if courses were to ever go online those without labs would be the first - never did they anticipate that engineering courses might beat the arts to this platform that crosses borders.

Colleges and their online offerings are growing in number; both practitioners and students now have a little more choice and flexibility. 

There is also a growing preponderance of shorter courses in the market place...

Online learning is continuously morphing as education industries try to find the best practice in educating and training students across the globe. With technologies enabling new methods of learning many brick-and-mortar institutions are losing traction.


Kevin Carey, an Ohio State University Masters graduate, published a book in 2015 named The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning. He believes that in the future, thanks to technological developments, the university will...

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More jobs, more opportunities, and more money. Western Australia (WA) is a state sighing with relief after it was announced that the economic downturn is turning around.

Engineering industry professionals may find solace in the fact that WA economy is gradually gathering momentum. It is finding its rightful place as a state bursting with resources which are needed here and abroad; a feat requiring talented engineers and technicians.


What happened?

Western Australia saw a...

Memristor is a word that you are likely to hear more of in the next couple of years. The burgeoning world of the IoT (Internet of Things) is driving the need for wireless connectivity and synchronisation across devices.

Its name is a hybrid of memory and resistor – and its function is just that.

This particular type of electrical component, found in circuits, is able to keep track of the amount of charge that previously flowed through it. Importantly, they are non-volatile, which means...

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Because they create solutions and solve problems

Mechanical engineers develop processes and they design and implement the moving parts in a range of industries.

They are needed on all stages of a product, from research and development to design and manufacture, through to installation and final commissioning.


Most industries rely on mechanical systems and therefore mechanical engineering is thought to be one of the most diverse of all engineering disciplines.


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This is a message to EIT students - past, present and future: to those who want to qualify well and to those determined to benefit from their learning experiences generally.

If you are studying with us presently (or have completed your studies) you will understand only too clearly what the challenges are: you are most likely working full time while studying content and concepts which are often difficult and demanding.

As you juggle these competing priorities it is not so surprising that...

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The conference focus this year: Students, Quality and Success, ran over three days, from the 29th November to the 1st December 2017 and was attended by 800 delegates, of which almost 100 were higher education students.

Steve Mackay, our Dean, and Caroline Patterson, our Compliance and Accreditation Manager, were selected to present their paper entitled: Australia’s first hands-on online engineering master degree. The graduation of our first cohort of Master of Engineering (Industrial...

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The demand for technicians, technologists and engineers in industrial automation, instrumentation and process control is growing rapidly. Why? Because when automation is introduced into industry, production becomes much more efficient and cost effective.

Consider the needs of employees:

  • They need training
  • They get sick
  • They receive wages
  • They go home at the end of each day    
  • They are more productive one day, but less so the following...

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Higher education institutions were delivered a few body blows last week. Proponents of TAFE (technical and further education) - the leading provider for vocational education and training courses in Australia - delivered the verbal battering.

According to ABC News, a number of courses have been cut and campuses closed down, with enrollment figures down by 25 percent as well.

TAFE New South Wales’ Managing Director, Jon Black, asserts that according to Australia’s Productivity...

Minister of EducationAnother two steps back for higher education in South Africa. President Jacob Zuma has once again shuffled the members of his cabinet; the second shuffle of ministerial position holders this year.

Earlier in the year, the Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande survived the cut, however, this time he wasn’t that lucky. The Minister of Higher Education position has been allocated to Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize, the previous minister of Home Affairs.

Image: Former Minister of Higher...

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Cue the X-Files music.

“When it comes to shaping the future, one of the greatest obstacles you have is your mind.”

These were the words of Steve Justice, the Head of the Aerospace Department of the ‘To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science’. Never heard of it? Well, that’s because the academy was launched this year, on the 11th of October, 2017.

The academy is a Public Benefit Corporation headed up by CEO Tom DeLonge. The corporation hopes to globally further science and engineering...


The future of technology and world class education hinges on the ability of universities to continue to provide a premium higher education experience. Their curricula need to be aligned closely to the demands of the world more than ever before.

According to University World News, Zimbabwe has warned their universities that they must return to their initial STEM mandates thereby reverting to their cores. By producing STEM professionals the government believes they can help to create wealth in...

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The youngest future engineer EIT encountered at the expo was a boy of fourteen who told us that he had an affinity for Mechanical Engineering. The most sought after qualifications were Electric Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil and Structural Engineering.
A handful o
f students expressed their desires to build car manufacturing companies, actively seeking programs that would provide automobile engineering training.

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Are you studying with the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) online for a Bachelors Degree or Masters of Industrial Automation? A Visitor Visa or a Working Holiday Visa would allow you to spend 3 – 4 months studying on-campus with the EIT in Perth, Western Australia.   

For 3 or 4 months of your degree (depending on your eligibility for a visa), join the EIT team on-campus in Perth, Western Australia. Outside of your study time you can explore the stunning and...

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Paige Kassalen is a 24 year old electrical engineering graduate from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is making waves in the engineering industry.  By the age of 22, Kassalen had been involved in a world-first solar plane project, and by 23, had been awarded a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list.


The Engineering Institute of Technology sat down with her to marvel at her achievements, find out what drives her, and to talk about how engineering industries can do...

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Were you born to be an engineer? Were you supernaturally gifted with the skills necessary to become an engineer? Or can engineering be taught? If you have an innate skill for taking things apart and putting them back together again, you might have an engineer living inside of you.

However, the world today has made it clear that there are certain requirements that must be met when considering whether a person can become a qualified engineer or not.


Mathematics & Science


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Members of our EIT team attended the SkillsWest Expo this last weekend to show off our course offerings.

Our EIT stand showcased a clever robotic arm which visitors were invited to test and drive. We then put everyone’s names into a draw to win one of these mechanical arms - in kit form. We have now drawn a winner and are happy to announce that it is Toby Wallace from Busselton, Western Australia.

We thought that you may like to learn a little about our winner. Toby is in year 11 at...

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Hadi Harb is a qualified Engineer, research scientist, consultant, and business owner. He lends his invaluable knowledge to the Engineering Institute of Technology as a lecturer too. His typical subjects are Programming (C++), Process Control, and sometimes he covers modules relating to data communication, and to anything involving data analysis and signal analysis. He also lectures on topics which touch on research and practice, and practical project management.

Originating from...

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“Going to university coincides with a period of immense change and personal development. We know that one in four young people are going to have an issue with their mental health. I just felt it was important to break the stigma attached to things like anxiety and depression.”

Those are the words of James Connolly, a student at the Australian National University. He was the president of the Students Association. He delivered a speech to students in March encouraging them to increase their...


14 Myths About Online Education with EIT

The world has become inundated with various myths regarding online learning, mostly due to the infancy of the phenomenon. EIT has become a major proponent in rectifying the detrimental rumours that still plague many undecided prospective engineers.

Below is a collated list of the top online learning rumours debunked:


Online Learning is only for People with Good Computer Skills

False! This myth is a perpetual fear for many...

A compilation of effective internet utensils available to all prospective and current engineers



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The world continues to deliver education and training via age old methods, despite innovation in almost every other sector. The tide is however turning, and it is gathering speed.


Instead of being reinvented it is merely being reshaped by a number of resourceful technologies which allow education to reach a wider audience, ranging from videos through to virtual interactive exercises.


Unfortunately these new technologies are often employed to the detriment of effective...

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Tertiary education is under threat in a world where uncertain political climates threaten the graduation and employment prospects of students. However, there is a silver lining in the sector which could in fact lead to more students studying towards a prosperous future. The internet.



The trigger that triggered the universities

The extent to which the political process is interfering with higher education is perhaps not being scrutinised more thoroughly than in the...

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Is the world finally ready to embrace the significance of technical and vocational skills and in doing so bump higher education qualifications off their pedestals and out of their ivory towers?


The government of the United Kingdom is certainly addressing this traditional imbalance.


They are introducing a new ‘T-levels’ system that will run alongside the customary ‘A-levels’, with a plan to implement it by 2019. ‘T-levels’ would prepare a student for further study in...

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EIT will be exhibiting at Career Indaba, South Africa’s premier further education and career guidance exhibition.  The event  attracts approximately 60,000 visitors annually and will feature over 60 local and international exhibitors.

If you have been considering an EIT program or have questions about our course options, who not come and speak to a representative?  It’s free to attend!

You can visit us at stand 1A on 5th and 6th March 2017, Sandton Convention Centre...

Brain Drain

Higher education is changing because governments are changing. The benefit from higher education, for the individual and the country, where the qualification is put to work, is invaluable. Building toward a brighter future for oneself, whilst growing an economy, makes higher education the main vehicle that drives up the potential of a country and its people.

Evolving governments need to secure the employment of professionals produced by higher education institutions to ensure their countries...

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) and IDC Technologies have been running a successful series of complimentary 45 minute Engineering webinars. So far we have run 12 sessions which have had hundreds of registrations for each session.


Upcoming topics include:


  • Troubleshooting PLCs - A toolbox of suggestions to look for in troubleshooting your PLC ranging from CPU, I/O Modules to communications
  • 10 Tips for Tuning of PID Loops - A quick toolbox of tips...

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The winner of the James Dyson Award has been announced. The award was created to highlight the best of the best in industrial engineering product design. A 22-year-old student from Loughborough University named Will Broadway walked away with the highest honors for an industrial design that has the potential to save millions of lives around the world. 

Broadway is an industrial design graduate at Loughborough and has designed an "Isobar" that keeps vaccines at the right...’s time to talk about your feelings. Starting your career in engineering can be  a daunting undertaking. Are you happy with how your engineering career is progressing? Are you afraid of your future in engineering? Are you considering studying something else? Are you coping with the workload? Is the money worth what you’re doing right now? Are you generally happy? These are the kinds of questions that would make someone working in engineering - or studying towards working in...

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Robotic process automation is another layer of automation that can be added to industrial operations, business and enterprise. It refers to a software component that automates a task that would have previously been done by a human. Companies would invest into these software packages to eliminate redundant tasks, using artificial intelligence modules that can learn and adapt to how an enterprise is run and supply data and analytics of a company. Engineers that own businesses would be able to...

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Amidst an Australian election and a British exit from the European Union, engineering has never been more relevant to politics. Engineering industries are the ones that keep a country running, and those industries need to stay afloat in uncertain political environments. We have recently reported on how important STEM-related industries and education is to the future of Australia's GDP. We have also recently focused on how a Brexit has forced engineering industries in the UK to link arms and...

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The Hay Group division of Korn Ferry, a recruitment firm dedicated to supplying  people and organizations with work advice, has conducted research into how much more engineers make than their peers. The study looked at 42,500 graduate engineers and students in 770 different organizations in the United Kingdom. The study found that those who had graduated with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) degrees earned 20% more than their peers. The study found that engineers...

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South Australia is getting the push the rest of the world is in desperate need of. 25 primary schools will be the first to get a host of new upgraded science, technology, engineering, and mathematics equipment in November. The hope is that the new equipment will inspire children to continue to pursue STEM careers later on in life. The funding for the project will top AU$250 million and will be coming out of the State Budget. 77 primary schools and 44 high schools will reportedly see...

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Structural engineers work in the field of analyzing structures. They are the hunter-gatherers of finding  forces, stresses and deflections that all work towards building a strong structure. They also study the design of structures. They will know which materials work best and how they need to be positioned to ensure that a structure doesn't come tumbling down. This means analyzing the distribution of load in a structure. The functionality of a structure also needs to be...

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The Economics and Statistics Administration within the United States' Department of Commerce have sent out their report titled Women in STEM:  A Gender Gap to Innovation. The report alludes to what multiple reports in the first six months of 2016 have alluded to -- there are not enough women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics workforces. The Economics and Statistics Administration have crunched the numbers and have provided a clear picture of how big the STEM gender gap...

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The Association for Advancing Automation has released a white paper that deals with how robotics is fueling the next wave of productivity and job growth in the United States. Some industries are experiencing the robot revolution first hand, where industrial robots are starting to take jobs away from humans. Automation in industrial sectors is constantly improving the efficiency of several manufacturing industries The white paper calls the recent development in robotics an "integral part of...

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Online education has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade. However, the legitimacy of gaining an online tertiary degree has been questioned by several employers all around the world. The issue being that the trusted universities sometimes don't offer their most important courses online. What we're left with are online speciality courses that don't hold much water in the world of employment, but are encouraging to an employer, granted you have a degree from a respected university that...

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Some jobs are just not going to come back. Those were the words spoken by Barack Obama at a recent town hall meeting when talking about how automation is changing employment in the United States of America. Recently, we reported, that Germany had pulled ahead of the U.S. when it came to adopting new industrial automation technologies. Nonetheless, Obama assured the crowd that new jobs in new industries would be made available once the robots replace humans inside factories.

Obama said: "But...

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What's the difference between a Bachelor of Arts degree and a pizza? A pizza can feed an entire family. 

Yes, we've all heard the joke and been subjected to the scorn of students who believe their degrees are more superior when compared to humanities degrees. It is no secret; universities are filled with some students who want to degrade certain degrees because they believe they are doing the degree that will guarantee them a job in their respective industry. 


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If you're an engineering student currently studying towards your dream job, you've probably heard the question asked. When you make it into the industry, what is the dream company you'd want to work for? There's nothing wrong with setting your sights on some of the biggest engineering firms in the world because you never know when you might just get your big break. However, with thousands of fellow graduates getting their degrees and dreaming the same dreams, the industry is a tough one to...

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You've got your honours in chemical engineering, you're a junior engineer-in-training, you have less than 4 years of experience at a firm and suddenly you get fired. What do you do? Do you try and get your masters in chemical engineering? Do you try and find a job unrelated to engineering? What can be done? This was a question recently posed to anonymous engineers on a social media site and the reflection of the engineers currently working in the industry could inspire you to take control of...