The International Data Corporation (IDC) has announced that it estimates the global spending on robotics and industrial services will grow from $71 billion in 2015 to $135.4 billion in 2019. 

This was confirmed in their Worldwide Commercial Robotics Spending Guide which covers industrial markets such as: 

  • Robot sensors such as cameras, microphones, barometers, and thermometers
  • Robot effectors such as end effectors, motors, and speakers
  • System hardware
  • Command and control software
  • Services such as implementation, maintenance, repair, and consulting

In a statement to the press about what the spending guide means for the future of robotics, John Santagate, a Research Manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights said, "Robotics as a technology has really reached its tipping point. Robotic capabilities continue to expand while increasing investment in robot development is driving competition and helping to bring down the costs associated with robots." 

Robotics is also becoming a field of study for children who live in slum areas in India. TribuneIndia reports that a start up called Robotics Education World will offer six month courses to train children in robotics. They claim they will be able to offer this for 20,000 children and young adults in New Dheli. The report released by IDC indicates that 65% of robotic spending is in the Asia/Pacific regions and will double by 2019. 




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