The United Arab Emirates cannot put up with the number of graduates looking for jobs, but the one industry they cannot seem to place anyone in is the engineering industry. The construction industry was the first one named in the report by GulfNews. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) say that those with degrees in architecture, civil engineering and post-graduate degrees in finance, international business, and real estate are among the more difficult qualifications to find jobs for in the UAE. 

A managing partner at Morgan McKinley (a renowned placement agency especially for engineering careers), Michael Gilmore, says, "It is clear there is an oversupply of talent, however, clients have far more difficulty in the recruitment process as every hire into a construction firm is crucial in this market and a weak hire can prove critical. It is also evident that construction clients are looking for more specialists rather than supply, so becoming more niche in their choice of candidate. Candidates are also much more cautious about leaving their current company as there are few solid companies in the market and it becomes very difficult to predict the right move." 

The UAE is experiencing the problem of their most skilled engineers hopping over into other countries that offer higher salaries and better working opportunities. "The lower packages are affecting the talent crunch also, as our neighbors Saudi Arabia benefit from the downturn, offering highly skilled workers higher increments to make the move, while Oman offer similar packages but much more cost-effective," Gilmore added.

The jobs the UAE are lacking skilled professionals in - in case you were thinking of immigrating - are:

...Development director, project director, director of planning and strategy and cost control professionals

- Michael Gilmore


It seems that engineering graduates need to go over and above what they have been studying in their degrees and get more competency certificates and becomes specialized in a field and will be scooped up by firms that require their skills. 

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