News from the United States confirms The Senate has passed a bill that will see the country's power grid modernized and also have an effect on liquefied natural gas exports. The bill will see security measures put in place that would protect the U.S.'s power grid from weather interference and from cyber attacks. The bill further makes provisions for energy storage in wind and solar energy solutions. 

EIT Stock ImageThe act will be signed into law by President Barack Obama, which would make governments around the world contemplate their power grids and energy storage solutions. The bill in question is named The Energy Policy and Modernization Act and will also ensure the U.S. exports liquefied natural gas (LNG) faster than current nations such as Russia. 

According to Reuters, the bill would see the Department of Energy issuing decisions on LNG projects within "45 days of environmental assessment", but as the bill progresses, that number will change to 30 days.  Democrats are applauding the passing of the bill and looking forward to the energy future the United States can now look forward to. 

Heads of industry in LNG industries are also saying that the move is a "big step forward". 


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