Very soon you could be sending your own satellite into space. Researchers at Arizona State University are, in their own words, "making the price of conducting a space mission radically cheaper."  It sounds too good to be true right? 

The work has been done in a lab called the Space and Terrestrial Robotic Exploration Laboratory. Jeken Thanga, assistant professor and head of SpaceTREx said, "With a spacecraft this size, any university can do it, any lab can do it, any hobbyist can do it." 

The satellite in question is called the SunCube FemtoSat . The team has worked for two years on the cube and measures 3cm by 3cm by 3cm. Thanga thinks that one day hundreds of these cubes could be sent into space and they could inspect damaged spacecraft.

There is only one catch. The price of launching these cubes into space. According to ASUNOW, the current cost of launching crafts into space lands $60,000-$70,000 per kilogram.

However, per cube, the team says it would cost $1,000 to take to the International Space Station or $3,000 to send into "low-Earth orbit." 

Thanga says, "That was a critical price point we wanted to hit. That's part of our major goal -- space for everybody."

The researchers don't think the SunCube will be overly expensive and sees the price for one only reaching the hundreds. 

"It's the prototype of a fully functioning spacecraft," Thanga says in the announcement video (as seen below). "On board you have cameras, you have power systems, you have computers and you have a fully functioning radio."

For more information check out: femtostat.asu.edu


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