Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) have found the right people to shake hands with to ensure that they continue to produce processors to the engineering industry. Due to this, they saw revenue jump up in the biggest increase in the last 35 years for the company and are reportedly expected to see a 15 percent increase in the second quarter of the year. 

The deals made with AMD open a renewed battle for who can create the best x86 processors and system-on-chip technologies. The company linking arms with AMD is THATIC (Tianjin Haigunag Advanced Technology Investment Co. Ltd.). AMD will supply everything THATIC needs to build a server chip that could apply to several markets including the consumer and the enterprise markets, according to Bloomberg.

EIT Stock ImageAnalysts of the computer market are saying this is what needed to happen for AMD to try and keep up with Intel. They are also saying the joint-venture will see intellectual property in the x86 sector finally get funding and introduce new products to the market. Data centers around the world would be running these AMD chipsets by 2017, however, if AMD really wanted to make a dent in the market, they'd start working on system-on-chip technology for self-driving cars. 

A company named NXP has announced a chip that will act as the "central computing engine" for self-driving cars that will fuse the radar, Lidar and scanning equipment in a self-driving car and ensure those processes work flawlessly. They are calling their solution the Bluebox system. The company said that the chips had made their way to some top carmakers in the industry but have not confirmed which ones. 

Kurt Sievers, the executive vice president of NXP's automotive business, said in a statement: "With this industry-first platform, NXP is leveraging its worldwide automotive silicon leadership to dramatically advance the state of autonomous vehicles. Our systems-level expertise, deep understanding of complex ADAS (Autonomous Driving System Architecture) engineering challenges, and broad portfolio of NXP products meeting automotive-grade (ISO 26262-level) functional safety requirements, all position NXP as the definitive silicon provider capable of single-handedly speeding the readiness and availability of self-driving cars tomorrow." 

After 30 million ADAS processors sold by NXP, it has made them the largest provider of silicon chip producing in the world today. 


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