Russian automotive engineering company SHERP has shown off its amphibious ATV vehicle in a new video. 

According to Top Gear, the ATV has self-inflating tyres that can dominate obstacles of 70cm or more. They also say it has a "Kubota four-pot (so four cylinders) 1.5-litre turbodiesel" inside the beast but only gets a max speed of 27 mph. When driving over water it does 3.7 mph.

The consensus amongst the public is that this is basically a tank. 

Weighing in at 2866lbs, the ATV is one heavy vehicle to be carting around town, and you can do exactly that. For about $65,000 you can be the proud owner of one. 

The vehicular equivalent of Chuck Norris comes to mind when looking at this ATV. Nonetheless, it is a spectacle of automotive engineering which has military benefits and is just all round awesome

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