The world's leading industrial showcase will be taking place on the 25th to the 29th of April, 2016. Hannover Messe is celebrated worldwide as a significant event that sees heads of state and top-level engineers make their way through the event. The event will also take a look at the latest trends in multiple engineering industries. According to their brochure, the event sees 200,000 visitors per year of which 30% of them are from abroad. Some of the talking points include industrial automation, energy, industrial supply, digital factory and research & technology. The theme this year is 'Integrated Industry - Discover Solutions'.

Dr. Jochen Kockler, a Member of the Board at Deutsche Messe, said, "Hannover has become the global hotspot for issues such as Industrie 4.0, energy efficiency and smart grids. Every year HANNOVER MESSE sets new trends - for example, smart services, 3D printing, collaborative robots." 

Digitimes.com has reported that a Taiwanese company, NEXCOM, will be releasing a "blueprint for industry 4.0" in the upcoming event, as engineers try to make more sense of where the industry is leading and how to work along with the fourth industrial revolution. IoT automation solutions and the industrial 4.0 wireless factory, including industrial cloud and security are just some of the talking points of NEXCOM coming up at the event. 

MIT has confirmed its attendance as well due to the United States as the partner company for the event. Carnegie Mellon University that invented the GPS systems NASA's mars rover used and is the self-professed home of artificial intelligence and will also be at the event. 

Marc Siemering, senior vice president of Hannover Messe, said to media, "Carnegie Mellon and MIT are two of America's most storied research universities. Their participation further spotlights the innovative power of Partner Country USA at HANNOVER MESSE." 



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