There are endless possibilities in the Internet of Things industry for engineers. All you have to do is head on to jobs listing websites to see how many software engineers are in demand in the Internet of Things industry. You could see yourself working for Google or Microsoft or Intel in this new wave of jobs available due to the push that the industry is experiencing. 

It doesn't stop at software engineering - not by a long mile. Manufacturing.Net writes that job postings have reflected positively for professionals in circuit designers, microcontroller programmers, and electrical engineer. Gartner, a company that deals with information technology research posted their results and said by 2018, 75 percent of IoT projects will "take double the time to complete that was planned for them". 

Gizmodo India reports that in five years the IoT industry is looking at a revenue of about $500-600 billion. This would surely make the IoT industry the most important industry in the world in the next five years and crop up a host of new jobs that engineers can fill out, and earn the money that is being estimated here. The estimates came from Sanjay Kaul, who is a Managing Director at Cisco India. He said, "We see a massive opportunity in IoT. Right now, I think we are in the mobilisation phase. I would say 2017-2018 would be execution and 2019, you would see solid revenues pouring in and giving rise to a lot of job opportunities." 

It seems India wants to jump on the IoT train whilst it is trending. According to India's Economic Times In New Dehli, a multinational company named NIIT  will be training 20,000 students in technologies such as Internet of Things, robotics, and virtual reality. 

NIIT President Prakash Menon said, "Looking at the digital transformation across industry verticals, we want to create a talent pool that is equipped with skill sets required...Owing to this growing demand, entry-level and experienced workforce with Digital Transformation Skills are attracting higher salaries as well compared to those traditional IT skills." 

Manu Kumar V who works in the IoT industry at HCL Services LTD, told Gizmodo: "An experience in doing multidisciplinary engineering projects with knowledge of at least two or three domains would come in handy. Apart from this, functional knowledge of bid data is important as it's a major force likely to drive the Internet of Things. Information security along with knowledge of data ethics and privacy policy would be increasingly sought-after as concerns over the potential exploits and privacy concerns of the web rises. The versatility of IoT makes collaboration skills -- knowing how to collaborate with people in different industries -- a key requisite for IoT pros." 

Therefore, engineers in web security are also going to be in demand for jobs in IoT. There are so many facets to the IoT industries that it might be an incredibly oversaturated industry but one that keeps on giving. 


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