What do you get when you put drone technology and a Russian engineer into the same room? They build something out of a video game, apparently. A Russian YouTuber named Valplushka has shown off a drone resembling that of a city scanner from the game Half Life 2. The city scanners are used by the Orwellian government in the game and is used for the purposes of surveillance and protecting the city. The video shows a prototype the Russians have built that looks precisely like the city scanners in the game. 

The YouTubers built a base frame for the quadrocopter out of carbon fiber. "The main materials used are: carbon fiber, expanded polystyrene. Flight controller DJI Nzaza-M Lite without GPS," their video description read. To get it into the sky they used AX-2810Q-750KV Brushless Quadcopter motors and were also equipped with a GoPro camera. The drone is now 2.7 feet long and 1.9 feet high. 

Check the videos out and see how he utilized already engineered products to build a new drone that could very well be used as a film prop. Let's just hope the government doesn't get any ideas: 



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