Digital transformation is a hot topic in companies right now. Companies are under the pressure of moving their entire operations into the industrie 4.0 and automating a lot of things that used to be done manually. At the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2016, the mood was no different than the industry's. Change is coming whether its agreed upon or not. Huawei's current CEO Eric Xu said that they would be moving into an "All Cloud" strategy that would be accommodating the latest industry trends.

The latest moves by telecommunications and data companies are to ensure that the end user is accounted for and everything runs smoothly for them twenty-four-seven. According to DQIndia, Huawei is, "committed to becoming an advocate, promoter, and leader of the full cloudification of productions and solutions," and implementing those additions to the company in the next two to three years.

"In the All IP era, we proposed our Single strategy, which effectively supported the development of operator customers. Nowadays, as we face the digital transformation of different industries, we advocate full cloudification to build efficient networks and agile competitiveness," Xu said, at the summit.

So companies should get more comfortable with the word 'cloudification' it seems. The ideology seems to be, "Adapt or die."

Darren Cunningham, Vice President of Marketing at SnapLogic, in an article he wrote for EnterpriseTech, said:

Some traditional IT organizations are eager to move apps to the cloud. Some younger companies have only used cloud-based apps and nothing else. And those who haven’t yet embraced a cloud solution are likely to find themselves with no choice but to move apps to the cloud, in order to take advantage of the same speed, simplicity, and flexibility that their competitors are enjoying.


Therefore, Huawei is moving the entire operations that the end-user experiences, into the cloud. Xu explains, saying, "This year we have introduced the "All Cloud" strategy, which focuses on delivering a ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY and Social) experience. A ROADS experience cannot be achieved without support from services, networks, and operations systems."

The move to cloud-based apps and a full cloud experience means that companies can now build even more products and all of those products can interact with each other and create an entire 'ecosystem' of devices belonging to one carrier. All of this, in the same place. As 2016 progresses we should be seeing more and more companies jump on the bandwagon. 


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