It just seems that Australia has their priorities straight when it comes to engineering projects.

Australia is making 10 million Australian Dollars ($7.6 million) available to local councils to repurpose materials from construction and demolition waste, according to WasteManagementWorld. 

These materials would assist in projects being conducted by civil engineers, such as the building of roads, drains and car parks. This would form part of a strategy called Creating the Right Environment that will see the removal of "75% of construction and demolition waste from landfill by 2020." 

The State Governments Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, said: "Achieving the target for diverting waste from landfill is a shared responsibility and requires action from State and local governments, industry and the wider community." 

Construction and demolition companies using recyclable materials would see funding making its way to the metropolitan councils that would assist them in their industry. Up to AU$8 million of the allocated money is set aside for these rewarding payments. It would bode well for them to stock up on materials that could be recycled. 

Jacob further said: "Each year we generate 3 million tonnes of construction and demolition and Western Australia sends 2 million tonnes to landfill. This is a valuable resource that we could be using in everyday construction projects." 




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