Singapore’s Changi Airport recently unveiled the airport terminal of the future; their brand new Terminal 4 with a fully automated check-in system.


ICM Airport Technics, a global leader in airport technology solutions, are at the forefront of transforming airport terminals and their hybrid technology was installed in the new Changi terminal. Their Group Chief Executive Officer, Richard Dinkelmann, was the very first passenger at the  Singapore Airport to utilize the check-in system.


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Image: New automated check-in system

Source: ICM Airport Technics


The flight was a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. Dinkelmann took to LinkedIn to praise the new technology:

“50 of ICM’s Series 7 hybrid ABD units are now live in this terminal. I was privileged to have been the first passenger to drop off my bag surrounded by Cathay Pacific and Changi staff. Total transaction time was less than 40 seconds - including face-to-face-passport biometric validation.”


Ang Siew Min, the Vice President of Airport Operations Management at CAG, when awarding the contracts for automated, self-service bag-drop solutions, said:

“With the wider adoption of self-service bag-drop machines at Changi Airport, passengers can look forward to a faster and more convenient check-in experience.”


Teething pains soon followed the launch of the new automated systems, as some passengers struggled with the new technology. The facial recognition process proved particularly onerous for some travelers.

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Source: AFP

The system will be checking in the passengers off 20 flights a day, 16 million passengers will utilize the terminal every year.


ICM Airport Technics mission was to build a user-friendly system that abides by all airport and airline security requirements, whilst being fast and efficient. The group recently installed check in systems in Munich airport as well.


Singapore’s Changi Airport is frequently called the best airport in the world. They are hoping that these automated processes and associated efficiencies will cement this reputation into place; in its entirety Terminal 4 cost US$723 million.


This is by no means the beginning or the end: the automated check-in system is a new addition to the plethora of automated technologies making their way into airports. In Terminal 4 there is also an automated tray return system at the Food Emporium: it retrieves customers’ trays post-meal.  See the video below.


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