How to Increase you Study Skills in your Lunch Break 

Go for a Walk

Don't sit still for too long - get up and go for a short walk in your lunch break! This will help you to clear your mind, de-stress and re-energise so you're focused when you get back to your study. It's also useful to stretch, as this will help you relax and relieve tension.

Review your Notes

Research has found that reviewing your notes within the first 24 hours of taking them leads to better retention of the material. Ignoring your notes until just before your exam means you're relearning the content rather than revising it. Why not read over your notes and write down any questions you have about them during your lunch break? This way you can engage with the course material when you get back to study.

Eat Healthy

Eating unhealthy snacks, such as chocolates and lollies, may give you a quick surge of energy. However they will cause you to crash soon afterwards, hindering your performance. You're best off eating nuts, fruit, vegetables and protein to keep your energy levels consistent and your memory functioning well.

Plan your Time

Make sure you get your assignments and study done on time by creating a schedule. Research has found you're more likely to remember course content if you study it regularly, compared to cramming the night before. If you've recently got your results back from a quiz, test or assignment spend some time reading feedback. Use this as an opportunity to work out what you will know and what you don't. This will help plan your study time better, so you continue to improve on your results.

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