Hello to you all,

Steve is languishing in hospital having had a rather tatty, ruptured appendix removed.

In the past you contributed to the following document:

Commonsense Engineering Safety Tips When Commissioning a Plant

The first paragraph from the foreword in the document is included here:

Dear Colleagues As an old engineering colleague of mine, wryly remarked to me recently - engineering and technical graduates are often like babes in the wood when newly on-site, as their practical and safety knowledge is almost non-existent - despite an intensive 4 year (or longer) study program. My retort was that it didn't only apply to young engineers and technicians - and that; "common sense is not so common around here" is often an appropriate expression even for old hands. As we all know, electricity (well, energy) is extremely dangerous and can kill or maim even when a little careless. Fortunately most acts of carelessness result in a mild jolt (or electric shock), leaving no permanent physical reminder of the incident; but the unfortunate get life-long scars or worse.

This link will take you to the rest of the foreword and the document: http://www.idc-online.com/papers/CommonSenseTips.pdf .

Steve would love it if you could peruse the content and then send him some suggestions - to extend and/or update it.

From his proxy and a recovering Steve in Engineering – always have safety at the forefront of your thinking in all you do.

The IDC Technologies Team

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