Dear Colleagues

Being an objective engineer, I have always been cautious about (whether soft signals from) body language have much impact on how you are perceived but I must say ongoing research shows that it does have a huge impact.

So here are some really great suggestions on improving your response from others especially at your next engineering presentation with the use of effective body language cues ….I believe you will find these tips really work. If they don’t - please let me know. Obviously, I am not suggesting you will be a magician after using these techniques but they should help significantly in getting your message across.

Six Quick Ways to Project Confidence with Body Language

The Clinton Box – trustworthy, truthful
Avoid wide sweeping gestures and keep your hand movements to a box in front of your chest. You will be perceived to be telling the truth and have honest characteristics.

Holding the Football – mastery, control and confidence
Talking as if you are holding a football firmly in your hands shows control and mastery of a subject.

The Pyramid of Cheops – relaxed and at ease
Clasping both hands together in a relaxed pyramid in front of you, shows that you are relaxed and at ease with the world.

Wide Stance (with feet well apart)– in control
If you stand with your feet about a shoulder width apart, you are showing that you feel confidently in control.

Palms Open and Up – transparency and honesty
This is widely accepted as showing honesty and friendliness. Use it to defuse tension in the other party.

Palms Down – Strong and Dampening emotions down
When you use your palms down, you can calm a strident audience and show that you are strong.

Try these tips at your next presentation or indeed when you are talking to someone you don’t know very well in the street. You will be surprised at well they work.

Thanks to Kasia Wezowski, the founder of the Center for Body Language for some interesting research.

Peter F. Drucker makes a valid comment about non-verbal cues in connecting to people: The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Yours in engineering learning


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