From: Kevin Kelly and Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited

Some interesting comments from Kevin Kelly

Thanks very much for your thoughful commentary and insight here, Kev.


We were involved at the leading edge and have spent a bit of time at the bleeding edge implementing irrigation open channel flow measurement. Thankfully the technology has been retained in Australia.




As always, interesting  to read your latest thoughts.
The leading edge is where the creative juices flow, where ideas are created, where those  who are a little eccentric imagine how things could be better for all of us. Where those who do not know that it can’t be done; go ahead and do it because they were not aware that it could not be done. Ideas are freely exchanged with those who share a passion for new knowledge.
Just a short distance behind the leading edge is the bleeding edge. This is where the practical, technical people  try to do the things, that now can be done. Prototyping, product testing and development require clever people who enjoy their work. Tweaking, fiddling, adjusting and making things work. Lots of fun, lots of grief, lots of learning.
Back behind the bleeding edge is the “Feeding Edge”. Where the marketing consultants, lawyers, contract patent attorneys and others who feed off the innovators;  accumulate and feed and grow big and  fat. No new ideas created here. Lots of theft of intellectual property, industrial espionage and buying up struggling start-ups. There is lots of production of product by those at this level but also lots of secrecy and protection of turf. Many big USA companies inhabit the “Feeding Edge”.
Perhaps we should ask ourselves,
 “Why is there a Bleeding Edge?”


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