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As an old pal of mine, once remarked about his career: ‘Find out what you enjoy doing which adds value to other peoples’ lives and never ever work again’. What he was saying is that if you can do something at work  which gives you meaning to your life and which you truly enjoy; you really have a great job which is the same as your hobby.


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Corporations Spend Millions

Corporations spend millions of dollars on trying to motivate their staff and give them meaning to their work. One only needs to think of hospitals instilling the need to be caring about other people and a well known car company who promotes safety. However, this spirit of meaning, tends to disappear when engaged in the daily grind of work.

There is no doubt that if you feel there is an inner purpose to your job and you feel very satisfied in it that you will stick around it a lot longer and really strive to add value to what you do everyday.

Certainly, I would find it difficult working on a daily basis underground in a dangerous coal mine to find any inner purpose in what I do every day besides keeping myself healthy and extracting lots of money for my daily work. Perhaps, an inner purpose or meaning doesn’t apply to certain jobs.

How do you identify your inner purpose at work ?

 A few questions to ask yourself and your colleagues in establishing a inner purpose to a job:


What do you really enjoy doing ? What do you look forward to doing at home or at work ? What gets you energised, passionate and enthusiastic about being engaged in ? What would you eliminate from your job and what would you emphasise and add to make it even more enjoyable?

What do you excel  at ? What tasks do you do extraordinarily well at ? What do people sit up nd notice about you and always comment at how well you do it ?


Where do you feel that you add value and contribute to the organisation ?


Who do you enjoy working with and who do you create  superb synergies with ?



Some examples of colleagues who tell me that they have meaningful jobs

Glenn is an engineer who thrives on working in plant design and optimising tough areas with significant problems. He believes his inner purpose is to build plants which are trouble free, highly efficient, safe and run forever.

Rodney is an accomplished instructor and loves teaching process instrumentation and control. He believes his inner purpose is to upskill others so that they can be more valuable in their careers and enjoy themselves more.

Remember as T.F. Hodge says: ‘Day or night, good or bad…all things from within.’


Thanks to Kristi Hedges who wrote the very interesting:  5 Questions to Help Your Employees Find Their Inner Purpose at the Harvard Business Review.


Yours in engineering learning


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