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Steve is away from the office this week, so in his absence we have included a segment from one of our recent press releases for you. Obviously, these can be construed to be promoting our training (which they are) but we have had many case studies appearing over the past 12 months with this new form of learning from all walks of life (even one gentleman in Canada who is over 70 yo who is still working and updating his skills):

Online training via the internet really is coming of age when two generations of engineering professionals from one a South African company both enrol in the same e-learning course.

A father and son in a family owned business based in Johannesburg both enrolled earlier this year in IDC Technologies’ 18 month Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering.  And both remain excited about the course several months down the road.

We asked son Chris Liebenberg for some comments about the course, his progress, and what it was like sharing the study with his father.

“Let me say I’m a big advocate for this e-learning approach,” states Chris.  “If it had been this good when I was younger I probably would have studied at least as much as I should have done back then!  It is more flexible than classroom based learning.  For example, we can always review the recordings of the live sessions if we miss one.  But the live sessions presented each week have been fantastic and with an excellent instructor such as we have it is hugely motivational to ‘attend’.  I’ve been completely thrilled.”

Both father and son seem to be benefitting by doing the course together.  They have developed some “healthy competition” over their assignment work but also compare notes and discuss some of the exercises and problems presented by the instructors.  “My father occasionally needs some help with his computer connection, and in return it is good to have someone close by to discuss the material with,” reports Chris

Does Chris have any advice for someone contemplating enrolling in this course?  He says “Yes, go for it.”

Have you had a positive or negative experience with e-Learning which you would like to share?  Let us know!

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