Dear Colleagues

A brief note today, as I have "crocodiles snapping at me" whilst working with the team here on finalising our accreditation application to present a Masters degree in Industrial Automation.
Engineering software and videos

We now have a two short videos (<5 mins) prepared by Terry Cousins on power quality issues. It is particularly challenging to compress everything into this short time; but useful educationally.

The power quality videos are:

* When the Lights Go Out
* When Voltage Dips, Your Profits Slip

And more are being added every week…

If you know of any other complimentary engineering videos or software that would be useful to your colleagues; please let us know by return and we shall highlight the list to everyone.

As Montaigne remarked: “It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others” so any other contributions or ideas are most welcome.

Yours in engineering learning


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