Dear Colleagues

The process of capturing and retaining the attention of other people has such simple rules but is nevertheless often ignored by engineering professionals. I freely admit that I am not a particularly good presenter; but these rules help me enormously in getting good results in my presentations.

Naturally, before you do your actual presentation, a golden rule is to practise practise till you are blue in the face until you have it flawlessly executed. Preferably present to someone – whether it is your wife, kids, colleagues or favourite dog.

A few suggestions which I guarantee will make a massive difference to your next engineering presentation are as follows:

As Dorothy Sarnoff suggests: ‘Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening’.

And if you’ve read this far: I hope you have a great break over the next week or so. I certainly will be relaxing in between finishing off writing my new book.

Yours in engineering learning