Some really great suggestions from the inimitable Ian McMillan on the 1st September 2009

Driving a good Engineering Presentation, but with or without Graphics?

Hi Steve

Me and my 2c-worth again.  Good one, I quite agree.  A picture is worth a thousand words, provided it's the right picture.

I use the gimp extensively for image manipulation - it's a Photoshop-type program, it's a free download, it's available for virtually every platform out there, it's unbelievably powerful, it's user-friendly and intuitive, and there's absolutely nothing shabby about it at all.  gimp stands for "GNU's Image Manipulation Program".  There have been many online debates about which is better, Photoshop or the gimp.  I use the gimp on my Fedora Core 6 (Linux Box) for all my professional image creation and manipulation, from designing logos to developing security printing algorithms (I work in the packaging-printing industry).  I think most of the guys that could really use it, don't know about it - maybe you could make a mention of it on your blog, even give it a road test if you want to?  Just a thought.....

All the best

Ian McMillan

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