The IDC Street Team took to the streets of Perth last week to promote our upcoming electrical courses; Safe Operation and Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Switchgear; and Practical Earthing, Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection.

We visited the offices of Western Power with giveaways of the IDC Electrical Engineering Pocket Guides Volume 3. The Pocket Guide provides an in-depth practical coverage of Power Quality, Power Systems Protection, and Substation Automation, and can be downloaded for free (along with the 5 volumes) from idc-online.com/pocket_guides.

The street team wore attention grabbing high-vis vests emblazoned with the IDC Logo and hard hats with a DIY sign affixed above. This is the second successful street promotion for IDC Technologies, with the first in Perth’s city centre handing out free Formula Pocket Guides.

To view more information on the courses mentioned above please visit here:

Practical Earthing, Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection - 26th and 27th November

Safe Operation Maintenance of Circuit Breakers and Switchgear - 3rd and 4th December


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