Attend this complimentary review on what Arc Flash is about followed by a simple toolbox of recommendations for your workplace.


Session 1: 9am GMT on Wednesday 16th March 2011 Link to time converter for Session 1

Session 2: 11pm GMT on Wednesday 16th March 2011 Link to time converter for Session 2


Join us for a complimentary live, interactive web-based session entitled “Essentials of Arc Flash Protection Webinar”. After this 45 minute session you will be able to;


• Recognise the dangers of arc flash events to working personnel and their impact on equipment
• Be exposed to the codes and standards dealing with arc flash danger
• Acquire some know-how relating to arc flash impact studies
• Select appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing required for avoiding serious or lethal injuries


Your presenter will be Dr Steve Mackay, the foundation Dean of Engineering at the EIT.



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