The Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) has a confirmed 2016 start date. On the 27th of June the first cohort of approved students will embark on this long awaited program.

EIT is very proud to introduce the lecturers for the degree; highly experienced industry experts and passionate academics. Among them is Professor Akhtar Kalam – a guru and devotee of all things electrical. Another is Dr Tony Auditore, an authority on the topic, whose personal journey is only equaled by his experiences in the electrical field. Our own Dean of Engineering, Dr Steve Mackay, also makes the line-up.

The live, online method of teaching will ensure that engineers and graduate technologists can embark on the two year program wherever they are in the world. Furthermore, the qualification is attained part time, allowing students to study alongside work and family commitments.

The EIT interactive platform of learning provides students with two vital benefits. The first is the opportunity, during every live session, to question their lecturers. The second is the ability to form networks within the virtual classroom; with other master students based around the world.

The learning distance is ameliorated by our dedicated Learning Support Officers who will ensure that EIT students remain engaged and on track as they move through their studies.

The start date is approaching and the entrant requirements are rigorous, but our application panel is poised to begin the process of assessing potential students.


To find out more about this prestigious and accredited program, please visit www.eit.edu.au/master-engineering-electrical-systems.





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