The COVID-19 pandemic forced many education institutions to take entire campuses online almost overnight. Despite a massive growth and adoption in online education technology in recent years, many institutions struggled to translate their on-campus delivery methodology to an online environment and, in particular, were unprepared in how to ensure academic integrity online. This has resulted in a scramble to adopt exam proctoring and remote invigilation software, providing the Engineering...

Hi everyone,

We will be conducting an infrastructure upgrade on EIT’s Moodle site.

What is happening?

We will be migrating our Moodle site to a new and improved server. The goal of this upgrade is to both enhance the security and flexibility of our Moodle site.

Preserving both the integrity and security of our students’ data is something we take very seriously at EIT. The new infrastructure has a range of pre-configured security features that provide industrial grade firewall...

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Federal Government has announced a relief package, which means they are funding six-month higher education certificates in ‘priority areas’ – one of which is engineering.

We have been busy designing industry-oriented online undergraduate certificates and graduate certificates to help those already working in the engineering field, or those who want to enter the engineering field, retrain or upskill.

For a small contribution, you will be able...

It is said that iron sharpens iron. At the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), that statement rings true every day. There is an ecosystem of managers, learning support officers, and course advisors who work in tandem to ensure students enrolled in our programs are on their way to achieving their academic and career goals.

The South African office has had to roll with the punches of the strict lockdown regulations imposed as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sisipho Phakamisa...

moodle dashboard view

Hi everyone,

The Engineering Institute of Technology will be rolling out two major changes throughout early December. These changes consist primarily of an upgrade of the system, and a complete design overhaul. These updates will occur throughout the 11th – 12th of December; with your access to Moodle intermittent throughout these periods.


Moodle Upgrade – 11th December

EIT’s Moodle platform will be upgraded on the 11th of December. While we undertake a Moodle upgrade annually, this...

Carol Moverley and Alison Brown have been at the helm of the Engineering Institute of Technology’s (EIT) branch in the United Kingdom for the last twenty years. Their story not only details how technology has impacted on education and training over the years, but how the company itself has adapted and grown. They certainly did not join the Engineering Institute of Technology that we know today.

Carol and Alison joined one of the initial iterations of the company – Instrument Data...

Hi everyone,

A few weeks back we sent an email out to our students regarding their overall experiences with the Remote Labs. The feedback we received was extremely comprehensive; allowing us to identify and mitigate the primary points of confusions.

To subsequently amend this, we are rolling out a new version of the Remote Labs. The new version consists primarily of minor tweaks and fixes, but we have a few major updates listed below that you might like.

The new version will be rolled...

On Friday 23rd November the Perth team at the Engineering Institute of Technology was all dressed up and in celebration mode: we were delighted to be gathered to congratulate our 2018 Australian graduates.

A number of these clever people had convened, from all around Australia, and were also joined by Algate Mtemah, a student who had flown in from South Africa.

We not only celebrated the graduates themselves, their persistence and hard work, but also their incredible families and friends...

At TEQSA’s third annual conference in Melbourne, at the end of November, Dr Steve Mackay presented a paper on the Development of a Career Advisory Site; it summarised his research to date - applying machine learning techniques to millions of job adverts around the world. Caroline Patterson also attended the conference and interacted vigorously at the QA Online Learning Forum.

Despite the software still being in its infancy, Steve’s presentation (his latest project) involves the creation of a...

Are you planning to study towards a degree with EIT during 2019?

Our 2018 scholarship winners - students online and on-campus - are working hard, making the most of the windfall they received.

If you plan to study with us next year you should consider sending in your application very soon.

  • If your preference is online study you need to be quick! You must have your scholarship application in by Friday 23rd of November, 2018.
  • For those of you planning to study on-campus, you...

Enroll in an Advanced Diploma with the Engineering Institute of Technology between 31 October 2018 and 28 February 2019 to be eligible for our Graduation Rebate

Studying with the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is guaranteed to be an exciting and rewarding journey, given that student success and satisfaction is a very high priority for us. That's why we have created a Graduation Rebate, to reward students who graduate from our Advanced Diploma courses for their hard work and...

On the 18th October the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) hosted their 2018 African Graduation Gala, in South Africa.

Almost 60 graduates attended; having completed either a Master of Engineering degree or an Advanced Diploma, and in a couple of instances, a Professional Certificate course.

Despite the tyranny of distance, the EIT graduates who were able to attend hailed from ten African nations: Chad, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and...

EIT alumnus Allan Butler conducted a presentation on “Ethics in Engineering” for our students at our East Perth campus last Thursday.

Allan, who is currently a SCADA Engineer at Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, graduated from EIT’s Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) in 2018. His main role is to manage the SCADA system at the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline.

EIT is committed to delivering education programs that are aligned with real industry needs. We also want our students to...

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is pleased to announce that from 03 September 2018, a new application system will be made available to allow interested students to apply online for their course or program of choice.

The implementation of this new online system will make it easier for interested parties to apply to study with EIT and to be kept informed of the status of their application.

We strongly recommend that you contact our qualified Course Advisors before lodging an...

Industry Presentation: Innovation by Digitalisation – The future of Power Generation and what skills do engineers need to realise it?

Join our distinguished guest speaker Robert Ceic for an insightful presentation at our Perth campus on 24th of May 2018 or follow it online!

To receive more information about this presentation, including online streaming details, please complete the form available on this page.

EIT is committed to delivering education programs that are aligned with real...

Are you interested in expanding your professional network globally and speaking to outstanding engineering students and graduates about your incredible engineering career?

By joining our Distinguished Industry Guest Speaker Program you will have the unique opportunity to share your technical insights and engineering experiences with our engineering bachelor and master students located at our East Perth campus. Your presentation can also be streamed to EIT’s 500,000+ followers around the world...


A Moodle Upgrade is Inbound...

The Engineering Institute of Technology has been in the works of implementing a new and improved Moodle LMS.

Here at EIT, we work diligently to ensure that we comply with the latest web standards available on the market. We’re dedicated to providing anonymity for all our students’ data, and ensuring that everyone has a comfortable experience when interacting with Moodle.

We are in the works of upgrading our current LMS, which will yield numerous...

A speech to EIT students embarking on their studies: February 2018

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman

As I stand in front of you I am sure you are contemplating the years stretching ahead with a mixture of excitement and apprehension; wondering what they will bring you. To come to a strange country and to commit to this challenge is brave, well done! We would like to welcome you warmly to our college.

There are four things I would like to talk about today:

  • Our proud history
  • The...

EIT is proud to announce that six of our Online Engineering degrees have been provisionally accredited by Engineers Australia under the Sydney and Washington accords.

  • Online BSc degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Automation Engineering under the Sydney accord, and
  • Online Engineering Master degrees in Industrial Automation and Electrical Systems under the Washington accord.


This means these EIT degrees are now internationally recognized under the International...

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The New Generation for Engineering Education!

We have two FREE sessions coming up in November and we would love for you to join us if you are contemplating studying either online or on-campus to help advance your engineering career.

The first session is our Sundowner Info Session held at our new East Perth Campus on November 23. The second session is being held in Melbourne on November 30; join two passionate engineers with over 40 years of industry experience talk about the Engineering...


It is time to plan your reward for all the hard work you have put into your studies with the Engineering Institute of Technology!

You spoke and we listened!

Due to popular demand we will have two Graduate Galas in 2018:

  • Midrand, South Africa: 18th of October 2018
  • Perth, Australia: 23rd of November 2018

We are excited to celebrate our graduates during two very special events in the vibrant locations of Perth (Australia) and Midrand (South Africa). These will be memorable...

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In memoriam: Roy Lunn - Automotive Engineering Extraordinaire

It must be one of the most rewarding industries in engineering. Many aspiring engineers in their youth dream of achieving a career in the industry. It entails an amalgamation of engineering disciplines coming together in the design and manufacture of a roaring, road-eating machine.

Automotive engineering incorporates mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. It has given rise to the hobbyists, the...

We are happy to announce that our 4 Bachelor of Science programs have been approved for on-campus delivery.  Students are now able to apply for an International Student Visa to study at our Perth, Western Australian campus.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is the only college dedicated to the fields of engineering and technology, and ultimately to your success in learning

Our campus is in Perth, the sunny and friendly capital city of Western Australia, and we would like...

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After eight years of invaluable service Professor Darrell Fisher attended his final EIT Governance Board meeting on the 28th February 2017.


The Board Chairman, Colin Aitken, presenting Professor Darrell Fisher with a farewell gift.


He has built up an enviable reputation in science and engineering education throughout the world and during his long and distinguished academic career. His was the former Deputy Director of Curtin University’s world renowned Science and...

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At EIT we are blessed with an international group of extremely professional, experienced , knowledgeable lecturers who set us apart from other institutions. In a bid to recognise and reward excellence in teaching and professional training by recognising the top three lecturers who go above and beyond the standard requirements of the position, we introduced the annual Award for Excellence in Teaching and Professional Training. 

Every EIT lecturer was assess against a predetermined set of...

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There has been a lot of news coverage in recent months about the dangers of Lithium rechargeable batteries – mostly related to fires on some motorized toys. Are all Lithium batteries the same?

Join guest presenter, Simon Chan (Chief Engineer at Radlink Communications) for a FREE 30 minute webinar on the 6th April as he discusses the various types of Lithium batteries used in different...


The Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) has a confirmed 2016 start date. On the 27th of June the first cohort of approved students will embark on this long awaited program.

EIT is very proud to introduce the lecturers for the degree; highly experienced industry experts and passionate academics. Among them is Professor Akhtar Kalam – a guru and devotee of all things electrical. Another is Dr Tony Auditore, an authority on the topic, whose personal journey is only equaled by...

Engineers are synonymous with having unbridled amounts of knowledge. Some might say they have a wealth of knowledge. They have to publish their thoughts and work into books, journals, magazines and the like, in a bid to inform and instruct others. However, a stereotype that is furthered by non-engineers is the apparent fact that engineers are not effective communicators. It is, of course, a generalization to say that engineers struggle with communication, however, it wouldn’t be a stereotype if...

The Master’s degree is the new black. It’s becoming awfully fashionable in a world where a Bachelor’s degree is becoming more accessible than ever, and therefore, more redundant. When fighting for lower tuition fees, students from around the world always reference the progressive thinking Germany (and surrounding European countries), who offer free higher education. What they do not always say is that once you venture to obtain your Master’s degree, suddenly, tuition fees are involved. What...


EIT is accepting applications to join the January 2017 intakes of each of the Master of Engineering Degrees as listed below. Applications are closing soon but will be accepted until December 16, 2016; apply today and secure your place on the limited places now available!

Applications for the January 03, 2017 intakes will close...


Applications Now Open!

EIT is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications to join the January 2017 intakes of each of the Master of Engineering Degrees:


If you hold a Bachelor Degree, you can apply for a place on one of these two-year part-time (100% online) study programs - accelerate your career...

Engineering in the first world and engineering in the third - developing - world is vastly different. Therefore, being the engineering “change” is not as cut and dry as it sounds. Why is that? The answer is technology. The Dean of Engineering, here at the Engineering Institute of Technology, Steve Mackay, explains: “One of the challenges we have is that we have the Western world, with ferocious access to technology and then we’ve got the third world - or the developing world - where things are...

Interested in studying to advance your career? Wondering if you will be able to successfully complete our program among your other work and life commitments? If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Many of our students have faced the exact same concerns. At the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) we have designed our programs and delivery methods to ensure our students receive the best content from industry- experienced...

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A quick overview of necessary considerations when installing a new PLC into your existing plant. The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) provides endorsed engineering Diplomas and Certificates (Masters Degrees accreditation pending), designed for students working in industry who need a practical, relevant education that is delivered efficiently. We use online delivery because it provides many of the benefits of live classroom based study without the inconvenience of travel.



We are honoured to have Richard Morley presenting briefly, “On the future of the programmable logic Controller and programmable automation controller” and to take questions from you.

Join us for this fun 35 minute session on the 28th April 2010.


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested and she will provide you with the details.

We have just released this exciting new course in conjunction with Asia Pacific International College!

The course is due to commence in October, for more information see the course page:



<p>Congratulations to the June 2011 graduating class.  We wish you all of the very best in your future endeavours.</p>

A relative newcomer on the education scene, the Engineering Institute of Technology (the EIT) plans to host a free breakfast meeting in mid-September to examine trends in engineering employment, specifically the oft-quoted skills shortage. The purpose of the meeting will be to offer engineers, technicians, tradespeople, and employers some perspectives on the where the gaps are and “how to convert shortages into an opportunities” says Foundation Dean Dr. Steve Mackay.
It has been only 4...

The EIT has secured research funding from the Australian national government to help enhance remote laboratory practicals for selected students. Ultimately this will be expanded so that greater numbers of EIT students have even better access to an outstanding online experience. Gone are the days when online training meant a “book on the web”.
We aim to enrich distance training by offering access to remote bench-based equipment. Students will be able to go online to experiment with “real”...

This 18 month Advanced Diploma is conducted by live, interactive e-Learning. The course is presented by a team of professional, industry experts, and includes hands on practical exercises using simulation software, remote labs, case studies and more!
Places are limited so BOOK TODAY!
For more details on the course please visit our website:
OR to download...

How mature-age students are getting back to study without “going to school”

With employees at work on shifts and based in many different locations, how can an employer help them gain the qualifications they need to add value to the business?  The power utility Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy) has a solution.  Essential Energy is the state-owned corporation responsible for providing essential electricity services for regional (non-metro) areas in the state of NSW, which encompasses...

Wednesday 18th May 2011 - 2 Sessions


Conveyers and chutes are a key part of every company's material transport strategy. Attend this complimentary session for a few tips and tricks with;


  • Troubleshooting conveyer problems
  • Capacity, sizing and power of equipment


Session 1: 9am GMT on Wednesday 18th May 2011 Link to time converter for Session 1
Session 2: 11pm GMT on Wednesday 18th May 2011 Link to time converter for Session 2


Your presenter will be Dr Steve Mackay, the...

All Australian Registered Training Organisations are required, by the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) , to collect specific information from learners and the employers of learners participating in nationally recognised training. This Learner Survey is designed to provide information against the AQTF 2007 Learner Engagement Quality Indicator, which helps determine if learners are engaging in activities which are likely to promote high-quality skills outcomes.
The AQTF is the...

Do you have a fascinating workplace story? Tell us you’re most fascinating and ‘out of the ordinary’ story about your workplace and the top 6 stories will win their choice of 2 of our hard copy technical manuals from the list below: • Analytical Instrumentation in On-Line Applications • Arc Flash for Electrical Safety • Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering • Industrial Wireless for Engineers & Technicians • Project Management • Hazardous Areas If you need ideas, see here...

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  • Skills and know-how in the latest technologies in mechanical engineering
  • Hard hitting know-how in pumps, compressors, piping, seals and machinery safety
  • Guidance from experts in the field of mechanical engineering technology
  • Networking contacts in the industry
  • Improved career prospects and income
  • A world-class Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology 


The next intake starts on the week of...

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Now you can take our technical manuals everywhere with you!

Our eBooks are now in PDF format and compatible with:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux
  • iOS - iPad, iPhone, i-Pod Touch, iOS 4.0 or later

All eBooks are available at 40% less of the cost of our hard copy manuals – at that price what are you waiting for?

Order through the IDC Technologies website using the offer IDCEBK.

NB: To view our eBooks you will need to install Adobe Acrobat or Reader software and the FileOPen plugin (...

We have recently launched our eBooks in a new PDF format making it easier for you to take practical know-how with you where ever you go!

Our eBooks are now compatible with the following devices:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux
  • iOS - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS 4.0 or later

NB: To gain access to our eBooks you will need to install Adobe Acrobat or Reader software and the FileOPen plugin (

In conjunction with our sister company, the EIT, we are giving away 5 copies of...

Turn your technical and engineering expertise, excellent communication skills and experience into a rewarding part-time instructing opportunity. We're expanding our instructor force to meet the growing demand for our training programs all over the world via our E-learning opportunities.
A few reasons to become an EIT Instructor:

1. Realise big rewards for a part-time assignment
As an EIT instructor, you instruct part time - based on your own schedule. You are free to spend the majority of...

Steve being presented with gift of appreciation from one of the students for his presentation

Engineering Education and Careers on Show

The Engineering Institute of Technology’s Dean of Engineering Dr. Steve Mackay visited Edgewater’s Mater Dei College to speak to year 10 and 11 maths, science and engineering students about the value of engineering education and the numerous advantages of choosing a career in engineering.

Approximately 45 students attended the presentation, covering a number of topics such as studying engineering at university, the advantages of an engineering...


eBook offer extended!


5 winners have been drawn for their FREE copy of the eBook "Practical Project Management for Engineers and Technicians".

Due to an overwhelming response, we are offering another 3 COPIES to another 3 entrants!

To enter, simply go to the News menu at the top of the screen and select the eBook Giveaway - Enter Now! tab and enter your details.

Second round of entries close on Wednesday the 17th of October - enter now!

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.