Hi everyone,

The Engineering Institute of Technology will be rolling out two major changes throughout early December. These changes consist primarily of an upgrade of the system, and a complete design overhaul. These updates will occur throughout the 11th – 12th of December; with your access to Moodle intermittent throughout these periods.


Moodle Upgrade – 11th December

EIT’s Moodle platform will be upgraded on the 11th of December. While we undertake a Moodle upgrade annually, this upgrade will also encompass a total server enhancement; consequently extending the maintenance hours required. We expect the upgrade to take the entire day on the 11th, and will be prepared to resolve any residual issues that occur throughout the 12th.  

It is essential for us to keep our systems up-to-date. We undertake an annual upgrade of our Moodle site for two primary reasons:

  • Additional protection against hackers and spammers; protection of student data is EIT’s highest priority.
  • Consistent patches; we’ve noticed a few bugs beginning to materialize throughout our Moodle site. These upgrades generally resolve them, as the open-source community that powers Moodle facilitates these fixes.

Moodle will be completely unavailable throughout the 11th of December, so we encourage any students currently studying to please download any materials they need before this day. All Learning Support Officers are aware of this upgrade, therefore any webinars or tutorials throughout this period have been rescheduled.

Following the upgrade; if any student notices any issues or problems with the site, then we encourage you to reach out to your LSO regarding these issues.  


Moodle Design Overhaul – 12th December

Moodle will undergo a theme update on the 12th of December. The development of this theme was undertaken to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Compatibility; our current Moodle theme is being discontinued. This brings about a myriad of issues from an administrator; imposing various issues with how the features of Moodle operate, and also exhibiting a security risk if ignored. The new theme we have selected is simply the default Moodle theme with additional styles applied on top.
  • Accessibility; the focus of the new design was mobility and accommodating for poor internet connections. We have identified that a bulk of our students use mobile devices, therefore we intend on accommodating these users. Further accessibility criteria is standardize the course pages; ensuring that the overall navigation is relatively similar.
  • Branding; EIT has undergone a branding overhaul this year, therefore we have added our branding to the new site. These consist of a logo update, and a few amendments to the colours.

Overall the changes are ultimately not too drastic. Our main focus is to improve the experience for students; minimizing all potential confusion that may be encountered with the new system.


Dashboard preview:

moodle dashboard view


Course preview:

moodle course preview



If you have any further issues with the upcoming upgrade and redesign then we encourage you to reach out to your LSO.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.