In order to maximise the benefit you will gain from this course, we would prefer you to have at least a tertiary qualification in engineering or IT (diploma or degree) and experience in engineering. Practical work experience in related areas of engineering would also help enormously.
However, if you don't have this background, please contact us for further supporting advice and counseling. We are able to supply you with the necessary pre-course learning materials, to ensure that you are...

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) Student Handbook

This handbook provides an overview about how our eLearning courses are delivered, conducted and structured to ensure all students get the most out of their study with EIT.

The key objective of EIT is to provide outstanding practical engineering and technology education from Diplomas through to Masters Degrees. The finest engineering lecturers and instructors, with extensive real engineering experience in industry, are...

Any student has a right to appeal a decision of the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) or of any member of the Institute’s staff. Appeals involving academic matters (e.g. assessments, teaching methods and standards) must be made to the Dean in the first instance. Appeals relating to administrative matters, or the conduct of staff, must be made to the CEO in the first instance.

For information on complaints, grievances and appeals please refer to our policies and procedures here.


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How it works:

All EIT programs are presented to you using the latest online distance learning technologies. Learn about our proven learning systems here. It is interactive.


When the course starts:

EIT programs start at set dates (see the schedule...

We understand that personal circumstances and work commitments can make it difficult to complete the course in the time available. If at any point you feel that you are struggling with the pace of the course or finding a particular module challenging, you can contact your designated Course Coordinator immediately. They will be able to either provide you with extra material, assignment extensions or put you in touch with the relevant instructor for assistance.
We are also flexible about the...