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Join Dr Steve Mackay for this FREE event and learn:

  • How to boost your career by taking advantage of engineering education opportunities ranging from diplomas to bachelor degrees
  • How you can harness technologies such as Automation, Robotics, Cybersecurity and the Cloud
  • How to seize engineering career opportunities for engineers, technicians and technologists
  • About cutting-edge technology topics affecting you and your firm
  • To network with your engineering colleagues and to gain vital contacts


Register below for the highly interactive, two-hour forum and networking event taking place in a city close to you.

Brought to you by internationally renowned and  prestigious engineering college - the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) together with IDC Technologies, this not-to-be-missed session will commence with an outline of  the hot areas of engineering and technology (including Automation, IoT, Robotics, Cybersecurity and the Cloud).

You will then break up into teams to solve a real (hands-on) engineering problem and come up with innovative solutions. Engineering and technology provide the opportunity for a fabulous career where you take scientific knowledge and create incredible things ranging from microchips, water works, cars to bridges. There are a huge number of exciting and innovative jobs waiting for you in this rapidly growing field which provides so many benefits to the worldwide community. The world of engineering education is changing dramatically with the advent of online courses – ranging from virtually free from the top universities in the world to hugely expensive degrees with minimal value from certain universities in terms of gaining employment. 

The session will be concluded with an outline of the new generation of engineering bachelor and master degrees provided by EIT – which you can undertake no matter where you are in the world – online or classroom or both. The opportunities for you to boost your engineering career with further study will be outlined. When a bit of entrepreneurial business flair is added to the mix; you surely have even more opportunities. 

PLUS Receive:

 - 180 Page Electronic Reference Manual ‘From Engineer To Leader


As always - you are utterly in control and decide your future.


Presented by Dr Steve Mackay, Dean of Engineering, EIT



Steve has worked in engineering throughout Australia/Europe/Africa and North America for the past 35 years as a design and commissioning engineer in projects as diverse as automation of power stations, mining plant, offshore oil & gas platforms, telecommunications and circuit board manufacturing.

He initially cut his teeth in learning on-the-job from a World War II ex U-boat commander, an ex-IRA mechanic, many highly skilled legendary craftsmen as well as extraordinary project managers and engineers in mining, oil and gas. He founded two organisations – IDC Technologies focussing on short engineering courses and the Engineering Institute of Technology providing accredited diplomas to master degrees in engineering and technology using state-of-the-art online labs/web and video conferencing.

Over 520,000 students have attended EIT and IDC Technologies courses over the past quarter of a century from throughout the world. Steve is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and the Dean at the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT). He has acted as the author or editor of over 30 engineering textbooks sold throughout the world.

He has a BSc in Engineering, BSc (Hons) Theoretical Physics, MBA, Master in Management Research, PhD and …..a first aid diploma (which is probably the most important). He believes the most important element in one’s career is to keep learning about the new technologies and to take advantage of these in your job always insisting on constant innovation.

A strong business “dollars and cents” focus is always critical as well as an acceptance of regular failure – a key part of building a successful enterprise is a landscape littered with failures.






Please call us and we will come to any location in the world to present at no charge - either online or in person.



Session Schedule

  • Introduction
  • Solving an Engineering Project in Teams
  • Hot Engineering and Technology Trends
  • Great Engineering Careers – What is on Offer today and tomorrow – a snapshot
  • Twenty first Century  Engineering Education – what you should demand
  • The New Generation of  Bachelor and Master degrees –  the EIT approach
  • International Engineering Accreditation and Recognition of diplomas and degrees
  • One-to-one counselling for those who want further advice on their career



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    Steve looks forward to meeting you and your colleagues in September 2017.



The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.