Bachelors Degree

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Course at a Glance
Code: BME
Course Length: 3 years (up to 6 years Part-Time)


What makes this LIVE ONLINE program truly innovative:

  • This engineering qualification is distinguished by its emphasis on useful, practical industry-orientated technology units combined with strong academic foundations closely aligned with the job market. It is a truly interactive online program, drawing on features such as interactive live instruction and remote (cloud-based) laboratories.
  • EIT’s existing industry-orientated programs ensure that you have a...

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Course at a Glance
Course Length: 3 Years


CRICOS Provider Code: 03567C | CRICOS Course Code: 095815G


The Engineering Institute of Technology is pleased to bring you the Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) program.

In this accredited and prestigious program you will gain:

  • Skills and know-how in the latest and developing technologies in mechanical engineering
  • Practical guidance and feedback from mechanical experts from around the world
  • Knowledge from the extensive...

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