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National Code - BSB51918

Schedule Start Date: 7th September 2020
Code: DMG
Course Length: 12 Months

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Join this interactive, LIVE ONLINE program, for 12 months part-time and you will:

  • Learn to lead and manage people and a business unit effectively
  • Master the key skills for people management
  • Learn how to work competently with financial plans and budgets
  • Develop useful business and operational plans
  • Harness innovative digital or IT technologies for your particular business
  • Learn how to effectively manage projects from start to finish
  • Improve your negotiation skills
  • Move effectively from being a technical professional to a manager
  • Gain skills to manage difficult people
  • Learn how to make conflict work for you and not against you
  • Be able to apply a valuable toolbox of skills to increase your team's productivity


This is not just another generic management course!

This program has been tailored to meet the needs of engineering and technical personnel and includes industry-relevant information.

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Course Details


Enhance your leadership and management skills

Whether you are moving from a purely technical role to that of managing a business unit within a large organisation, setting up a small business or working as a freelance consultant – this program will provide you with key skills and industry-related knowledge in leadership and management.

Most engineering professionals, with jobs ranging from tradesperson, supervisor, technician or engineer, spend the majority of their careers in a leadership role to some extent, but an overwhelming number of them are often dissatisfied with the transition from ‘engineering professional to leader’. Technical people are often so engrossed with the technical aspects of their job, that they can lose sight of the need to be ‘managing people’ effectively – along with the other aspects of a business such as: financial, marketing, and projects. Much of this frustration is due to a lack of preparation and lack of appropriate skills training, a problem which this program aims to rectify.

Completing this program will build enormous value into your life and career – you will learn to focus on managing people and a business, all within an engineering and technical context without sacrificing quality or quantity of your own output. Tthe core principles of business are ultimately very similar. You will gain these skills through real life examples, exercises and assignments, all designed around, and focused for use in, the engineering and technical industries and trade applications.


Meet the Challenges

One of the key challenges for technical professionals is effective, fair management and leadership of others within a small business or business unit of a large corporation. This program will provide you with the skills to motivate, communicate and manage staff, for peak performance, respect and productivity – it will update your leadership skills and position you to take on a (greater) leadership role in your corporation. You will understand the importance of creating results through and with people, starting with personal leadership and growing to being a leader of people. The key components of effective leadership are the ability to develop, motivate and equip people by being able to: communicate clearly, manage conflict, develop creativity and coach effectively. You will gain these skills, plus the knowledge and resources to immediately put them into effective practice.


The Content

The program commences with units on leading and managing workplace relationships and team effectiveness. The associated topic of ‘emotional intelligence’ is then covered. This ensures that you have a strong grasp of the basic principles of effective management, managing different personality types, interpersonal skills, leadership, communication skills and team management – all aimed at making you a better and effective manager. You will then cover management of operational plans where the overall business plan is applied to your business. Other components of this diploma include critical areas of: managing budgets and financial plans, developing a business plan, identifying threats and marketing opportunities.

A key element of all modern businesses is harnessing the digital and information technologies (IT), ranging from building web sites, use of emails, databases and even use of 3D printers – again all focused on the engineering and technical workplace. Further units covered include; managing risk (placed in a strongly practical and useful context) – something many managers are unfamiliar with. Finally, you will be exposed to the key skills in managing and running a project from a time, quality and financial aspect.

This program can be considered to be a ‘mini-MBA’, giving you all the key skills of working in or running a small business, or working within a business unit of a large company, multi-national, Government Department or other. This is an exciting and useful program, it will be presented online in a highly interactive way using web and video conferencing conveniently from your desk, using your tablet, computer, mobile phone or other device using highly experienced instructors. As noted earlier, a key element of this program which distinguishes it from others is that it will be tightly focused on a technical and engineering environment to augment the value to you.


Who should complete this accredited qualification?

This program will benefit you if you are:

  • Engineering and technical professionals such as technicians/technologists and engineers
  • First-line supervisors
  • Middle level executives and managers
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Information Technologists
  • Maintenance/supervisory managers
  • Technical personnel
  • Project team members in: Manufacturing; Process industries; Research and development; Utilities; Local authorities

Program Structure

Program Structure

The program is composed of 12 units which will be delivered over 12 months. Each unit includes weekly live webinars with an experienced instructor, set readings and assessments comprising of either written assignments, quizzes or short activities. The units are:

*Please note that this unit (BSBFIM501) includes learning on the Australian Taxation Office and Goods and Services Tax.

Entry Requirements

Many people who have the opportunity to work in leadership positions in industry miss out on specific training in management. They may have specific technical knowledge, but no formal training in leading others. This qualification will develop and sharpen your knowledge and skills in leadership and management and enhance your effectiveness. EIT’s program is recommended if you are working in engineering and technical fields, although it is applicable to a wide range of enterprise and industry contexts. It is an accelerated, practical, work-oriented program, recommended for personnel who have some supervisory or management experience or who wish to develop their careers in a leadership role.

Your existing experience will help enormously by providing a context for you to enhance and apply your new-found expertise as you work through the program. EIT’s program is not recommended for those without at least some relevant background in their careers.

Learning and Teaching

Benefits of Online Learning to Students

  • Cost effective: no travel or accommodation necessary
  • Interactive: live, interactive sessions let you communicate with your instructor and fellow students
  • Flexible: short interactive sessions over the Internet which you can attend from your home or office. Learn while you earn!
  • Practical: perform exercises by remotely accessing our labs and simulation software
  • Expert instructors: instructors have extensive industry experience; they are not just 'academics'
  • No geographical limits: learn from any location, all you need is an Internet connection
  • Constant support: from your instructor(s) and a dedicated Learning Support Officer for the complete duration of the course
  • International insight: interact and network with participants from around the globe and gain valuable insight into international practice 

Benefits of Online Learning to Employers

  • Lower training costs: no travel or accommodation necessary
  • Less downtime: short webinars (60-90 minutes) and flexible training methods means less time away from work
  • Retain employees: keep staff who may be considering a qualification as full time study
  • Increase efficiency: improve your engineering or technical employees’ skills and knowledge
  • International insight: students will have access to internationally based professional instructors and students


How Does it Work?

EIT Online Learning courses involve a combination of live, interactive sessions over the Internet with a professional instructor, set readings, and assignments. The courses include simulation software and remote laboratory applications to let you put theory to practice, and provide you with constant support from a dedicated Learning Support Officer.

Practical Exercises and Remote Laboratories

As part of the groundbreaking new way of teaching, our online engineering courses use a series of remote laboratories (labs) and simulation software, to facilitate your learning and to test the knowledge you gain during your course. These involve complete working labs set up at various locations of the world into which you will be able to log to and proceed through the various practical sessions.

These will be supplemented by simulation software, running either remotely or on your computer, to ensure you gain the requisite hands-on experience. No one can learn much solely from lectures, the labs and simulation software are designed to increase the absorption of the materials and to give you a practical orientation of the learning experience. All this will give you a solid, practical exposure to the key principles covered and will ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from your course.



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The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.