Mechanical Engineering

3D printing proving helpful in Kenya
A ‘kite’ could provide electricity for many around the world in 2019
A back flipping robot 'Cheetah' is the latest mechanical marvel
Air taxis coming to a sky near you
Aviation engineering changing shape
Cameron Russell Bourne
Chernobyl TV show produces real engineering discussion
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Engineering a green port
Engineering legacies: Rolls-Royce
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Engineers do battle in the Solar Car Challenge
Flying cars to be tested across the globe
Grease is the word
How automation is changing the mechanical engineering industry
How do engineers move an oil rig?
Ian Shivraj Doolun
Imagination and Engineering collide at the 'Happiest Place on Earth'
In the name of manufacturing, mechanical engineers study Wombat faeces
Inspection engineering practitioner helping industry avoid disaster
Introducing the world’s first electric tugboat
Kenyan engineer bridging communication barrier
Leech-like robot is latest innovation in flexible robots
Mechanical engineering, AI, and software driving the future
Mechanical engineers achieve world first for nanomotors
Mechanical engineers crucial to future of guided surgery
Mechanized warfare: Remembering the introduction of the tank in WWI
Meet Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the two engineers who became Space X astronauts
Morphing and adapting car interiors: the 4D printing of the future
Origami inspired mechanical engineering
Perths’ greatest engineering marvels
Pick-and-place robots get better at picking
Resin-infused aircraft wing wins top engineering award
Startup unveils purely mechanical bowling machine
Student Story: Islam Sarwat
Student Story: Jacques Esterhuizen
Student Story: Mikkaela Hughes
Student Story: Roslyn Rountree
The (blind) man who invented cruise control
The 3D printed communities that will house the homeless
The American inventor who was also a President
The company that launched the largest fleet of satellites in human history
The future (and food) is coming via drone technology
The robot that might withstand a radioactive wasteland
Trump says Navy must use steam, not electromagnetism
Unsinkable metals could revolutionize engineering industries
What a newly engineered submersible found at the bottom of the ocean
World-first 4D printed ceramics
World’s first hydrogen fuel train unveiled

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