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Brian Masemola
Britam Tower in Kenya awarded best in mechanical and electrical engineering
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China’s investments into the country’s clean energy marches on
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Fix it or replace it? Troubleshooting engineers save a city $10 million
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Gorataone Rivaldo Rabodietso
Grand Egyptian Museum nearing completion
Gravity energy storage applications show promise
Grease is the word
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In the name of manufacturing, mechanical engineers study Wombat faeces
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Industrial automation growing manufacturing economies
Industrial automation’s effect on the electricity industry
Industry Presentation: Ethics in Engineering
Innovation amidst adversity
Internet of Things, alive and well?
Low cost sensors to produce better air quality data
Low-cost C02 water treatment tech developed
Magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Japan generates tsunami
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Marcel Maughan
Martin Mutale
McLeod Boipuso Sibanda
Mechanical engineering, AI, and software driving the future
Mechanical engineers achieve world first for nanomotors
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Mechanized warfare: Remembering the introduction of the tank in WWI
Mixed-reality to bring about engineering future
Morphing and adapting car interiors: the 4D printing of the future
Mthulisi Mlalazi Thenga
Murray Langley
NASA cancels all-women spacewalk over suit sizing issue
Neurosurgeons and Engineers to eliminate brain disease together
New quantum battery could recharge in seconds
New remote invigilation innovation to legitimize online education
New surf park will be a civil engineering marvel
Number of women in engineering still low
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Powering ships in a new (rotten) fashion
Predictive maintenance trumps preventative maintenance

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