Electrical Engineering

Bye-bye to batteries in industrial facilities of the future
2019 Student Ambassador: Tatenda Nherera
3D printing electrodes for energy storage technologies
Are flying cars the future of sustainable transport?
Australia’s crown achievement of engineering set to expand
Australia’s transition to renewables too slow?
Chernobyl TV show produces real engineering discussion
China’s investments into the country’s clean energy marches on
Cindy McGeorge
Could this finally be a replacement for lithium-ion batteries?
EIT graduate celebrates an ongoing life in engineering
Electric vehicle fires spark concerns
Electrical engineering jobs in high demand
Electricity generating textiles on the rise
Electricity in the air: The oncoming electric taxi jet revolution
Energy sector engineering solutions published by EIT professionals
Engineers and scientists come together to battle climate change
Engineers betting all their chips on AI
Engineers design chip that turns wasted heat into usable energy
Engineers do battle in the Solar Car Challenge
Engineers look for solutions to overheating solar panels
Engineers look to lowering emissions in aviation
Engineers skip work to protest for climate change
Festus Tawii
Flexi-batteries ready for powering the future
Fortunate Nyamidembo
Graduate of the Year - Australia: Brian Lord
Graduate of the Year - South Africa: Johannes Kapeuasha
Gravity energy storage applications show promise
Harvesting the African sun with Kenya’s first utility-scale IPP project
Hassan Mwanjali
Imagination and Engineering collide at the 'Happiest Place on Earth'
Introducing the world’s first electric tugboat
Introducing the world’s first rail line powered by solar farm
Lighting the path forward for illumination engineers
Lonwabo Busakwe
Low cost sensors to produce better air quality data
Making carbon-neutral cheese thanks to Engineering
Making fuel out of a world of plastic
Martin Mutale
Meet Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, the two engineers who became Space X astronauts
Meet EIT On-Campus Lecturer: Dr Yuanyuan Fan
Mthulisi Mlalazi Thenga
Murray Langley
New quantum battery could recharge in seconds
Powering ships in a new (rotten) fashion
Reducing carbon emissions with electric aircraft
Renewably powering road infrastructure a job for wind?
Saying goodbye to emissions with carbon capture and biofuels?
Sebastian Govender
Simona Capparella
Solar power in mining surges forward in Australia
Solar powered batteries are the new emergency backup
Solar roads experiment hits a roadblock
South Africa's ‘darkest hours' could be an opportunity for engineers in-training
South Africa’s energy utility a failure of electrical engineering
South Africa’s Malls Welcome Sizeable Solar projects
Student Story: Anicet Herve Engoue Koungoue
Student Story: Armando D. Ngojo
Student Story: Hendru Coetzer
Student Story: Ishmael Muumbe
Student Story: Johnson Itumeleng
Student Story: Lilongeni Gurney Geiseb
Student Story: Nicola Beh
Student Story: Roslyn Rountree
Student Story: Ryan Smith
Student Story: Scott Troiano
Student Story: Sefiwa Monyamane
Student Story: Skhumbuzo Khoza
Student Story: Wilbard Mwetulundila
The future (and food) is coming via drone technology
The Green New Steal?
The oncoming battery revolution
The race to renewable refrigeration
The smart microchip that doesn’t need a battery
The UK electric vehicle deadlines may be too ambitious
Tidal energy ready to power data centres by 2024
Turning to biogas in the face of load-shedding
Will 2020 be the year of renewables for consumers in South Africa?
Wind and solar could help desert bloom
Wireless charging gaining momentum in industries
Women in Engineering: Remembering Judith Resnik
World-first wireless electricity supply headed for consumers
Zero emission electric quarry site undergoes testing

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