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3D printed bridge debuts
3D printing building technique takes construction into digital future
A Brazilian millennial startup: fighting floods
A day in the life of a systems engineer
A tale of two gold mines
Advancements in biomedical engineering
Affordable virtual reality platform for CAD engineers now available
An undersea hotel room is the latest civil engineering marvel
Automation won’t replace skilled workers, say experts
Autonomous ferry to replace footbridges in Norway
Biomedical Engineering: Software and the precocious Bots
Buckingham Palace Reservicing could Include Solar
China’s investments into the country’s clean energy marches on
Civil engineers look to remedy London Tube’s heat problem
Digital advancement highlights skills shortages and ill-prepared educational institutions
Digital fabrication producing smart constructions
Do Self- Driving Cars Present a huge Opportunity or Not ?
EIT to launch a campus in Melbourne
Electrical engineering jobs in high demand
Electricity generating textiles on the rise
Engineering security measures to fight terrorism
Engineers design tape measure for the blind
Engineers discover void in Great Pyramid
Engineers do battle in the Solar Car Challenge
Engineers unveil wearable ultrasound sensor
Entrepreneurship, the gig economy and you
Fix it or replace it? Troubleshooting engineers save a city $10 million
Giving robots situational awareness...under water
Grand Egyptian Museum nearing completion
Gravity energy storage applications show promise
Grease is the word
Holographic lectures now a reality
Hop aboard the self-driving fleet of ships
How viable is President Trump’s Wall?
Hurricane Harvey: Engineering industries confront the flooding and infrastructure needs for the future
Innovation amidst adversity
Magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Japan generates tsunami
Mechanical engineers achieve world first for nanomotors
Mechanical engineers crucial to future of guided surgery
Mechanized warfare: Remembering the introduction of the tank in WWI
Morphing and adapting car interiors: the 4D printing of the future
Neurosurgeons and Engineers to eliminate brain disease together
New quantum battery could recharge in seconds
Number of women in engineering still low
Origami inspired mechanical engineering
Plastic roads: paving the way to a plastic-free future?
Powering ships in a new (rotten) fashion
Predictive maintenance trumps preventative maintenance
Questions surround Mexico City’s collapsed buildings
Re-purposing the past
Renewably powering road infrastructure a job for wind?
Safe Standing Stadiums Spur Challenges for Engineers
Smartphones hold more tech than 60s NASA computers
South Africa’s Malls Welcome Sizeable Solar projects
Startup unveils purely mechanical bowling machine
TESLA – Then and Now
Thai Cave Rescue: Engineering against the clock
The (fourth industrial) automated supply chain
The 2018 graduates in Africa are celebrated by the Engineering Institute of Technology
The digital transformation of the construction site
The engineers with their heads in the clouds
The future of lightweight, flexible, industrial robots
The NZ Pipeline Disaster
The Smart City Conundrum
The smart microchip that doesn’t need a battery
The UK electric vehicle deadlines may be too ambitious
Three game changing civil engineering projects nearing their completion
To solve our energy crises interdisciplinary engineering becomes critical
True AI and autonomous vehicles
Trump says Navy must use steam, not electromagnetism
Underground tunnels and their advantages for the future
What are engineers doing to save the planet?
Wind and solar could help desert bloom
World-first 4D printed ceramics
World’s first hydrogen fuel train unveiled
Year of Engineering in full swing
Zero emission electric quarry site undergoes testing

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