Civil Engineering

3D printed bridge debuts
3D printing building technique takes construction into digital future
A Brazilian millennial startup: fighting floods
A fire in the cathedral, a nation left heartbroken
A tale of two above-water railroads
Against all odds: Oyama Khanyisile Vundla
Algate Panyika Mtemah
An undersea hotel room is the latest civil engineering marvel
Australia’s apartment building cracks show corner-cutting in civil engineering
Britam Tower in Kenya awarded best in mechanical and electrical engineering
Civil engineers look to remedy London Tube’s heat problem
Coffee and construction: an unlikely pairing
Digital fabrication producing smart constructions
EIT graduate sets sights on becoming Botswana's next best civil engineer
Grand Egyptian Museum nearing completion
How a sinking country is winning their war against water
How engineering changed time
How to engineer around a polar vortex?
How to rebuild a spillway
India’s most famous civil engineer celebrated
Innovation amidst adversity
Introducing the world’s first rail line powered by solar farm
Is there a civil engineering crisis in South Africa?
Low-cost C02 water treatment tech developed
Making bridges and buildings safer with lessons from steel
McLeod Boipuso Sibanda
New surf park will be a civil engineering marvel
Permeable pavement a possible solution for better stormwater management
Perths’ greatest engineering marvels
Plastic roads: paving the way to a plastic-free future?
Predicting and preventing climate events to save bridges
Quick repair on earthquake damaged roads
Safe Standing Stadiums Spur Challenges for Engineers
Solar roads experiment hits a roadblock
Structural engineers are reconnecting with nature
Student Story: Gaston Kausa
Student Story: Ijaz Ali
The American inventor who was also a President
The art of relocating
The digital transformation of the construction site
The Italian bridge collapse
The social value of civil engineering
The superhero civil engineer force fighting fatbergs
Three game changing civil engineering projects nearing their completion
Tornadoes thrust engineers into action
Underground tunnels and their advantages for the future
Whose fault is it anyway?
World's first 360-degree infinity pool to open in London

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