Bachelor Degrees

EIT’s Engineering Bachelor of Science degrees have been designed by experts from both industry and academe to ensure graduates are prepared for meaningful employment in an engineering workplace. There are four Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees, each one specialising in a different engineering stream: Industrial Automation, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil and Structural. These qualifications are delivered both online and on campus.

Our live, online interactive study mode is designed to facilitate full time work, mobility and distance learning. However, students are expected to ‘attend’ scheduled live webinars during which they interact with their local and internationally-based lecturers and fellow students. The practical components of the degree are acquired via cutting-edge simulation software, remote laboratories and industrial experience units.

Our on-campus programs are presented in a blended learning format, which utilizes many of the technologies employed in our online delivery mode. These programs also include classroom sessions, practical lab exercises, assessments, class discussions and self-study.

Remote and on-campus students need support, encouragement and a go-to person. Our students are supported by dedicated Learning Support Officers (LSOs) and Course Coordinators for the duration of their studies, giving them a greater chance of success. Students studying our degrees will have a committed LSO for each unit of study.  

Students may be awarded credit as a result of previously completed qualifications and they may also apply for articulated pathways from other courses and fields of study.

Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering)**
Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)**
Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)**
Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)**
On Campus - Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering)**
On Campus - Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)**
On Campus - Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)**
On Campus - Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)**
Undergraduate Certificate in Civil Engineering
Undergraduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering
Undergraduate Certificate in Industrial Automation Engineering
Undergraduate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.