If you are seeking Commonwealth assistance (i.e. FEE-HELP) you must submit an eCAF (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) with a valid tax file number by each relevant Census date.

Only one form needs to be submitted for each course. For further information please see contact our FEE-HELP officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1300 138 522 (or +61893211702 from outside Australia).

If you are a student, regardless of whether you are Commonwealth supported or not, any withdrawal you make after the study period Census date will incur an academic penalty (for example, a fail grade) and a financial penalty (for example, no refund of your student contribution or tuition fees).


2019 Census Dates - Higher Ed Courses
(calculated using the DoET Census Day Calculator - any census dates which fall on a weekend or public holiday have been moved to the next business day)
  Orientation Week Start Date End Date Census Date
Term 1 2-Jan-19 7-Jan-19 29-Mar-19 23-Jan-19
Term 2 N/A 1-Apr-19 21-Jun-19 17-Apr-19
Term 3 24-Jun-19 1-Jul-19 20-Sep-19 17-Jul-19
Term 4 N/A 23-Sep-19 13-Dec-19 9-Oct-19
BACHELORS ONLINE - and Masters Thesis: ME700
  Orientation Week Start Date End Date Census Date
Semester 1  14-Jan-19 28-Jan-19 14-Jun-19 25-Feb-19
Semester 2 24-Jun-19 8-Jul-19 22-Nov-19 5-Aug-19
Semester 1 -Thesis N/A 7-Jan-19 21-Jun-19 11-Feb-19
Semester 2 -Thesis N/A 1-Jul-19 13-Dec-19 5-Aug-19
ON-CAMPUS (All courses)
  Orientation Week Start Date End Date Census Date
Semester 1 25-Feb-19 4-Mar-19 28-Jun-19 27-Mar-19
Semester 2 15-Jul-19 22-Jul-19 15-Nov-19 14-Aug-19
Full year 2019 N/A 4-Mar-19 15-Nov-19 24-Apr-19
Full year 2019/2020 N/A 22-Jul-19 5-Jun-20 18-Sep-19

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