Internationally endorsed engineering qualifications delivered online and on-campus

EIT offers Australian accredited engineering and technology Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Graduate Certificates, Bachelor and Master Degrees. All are offered online, while the four bachelor’s degrees and four of our master's degrees are also delivered on-campus.

The college and our courses are endorsed by a range of international academic and professional bodies.

Our accreditation status is upgraded from time to time; please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further clarification or information

Our delivery modes

Part-time, live, online education designed for students already working anywhere in the world

For students considering online study, EIT uses the latest live, web-based technologies and other dynamic online tools. There are regular class times (designed around your availability), to ensure you connect with your instructors/lecturers. These webinars can be joined from almost anywhere in the world.

To receive the necessary hands-on experience, you have access to remote laboratories and simulation software. These practical assessments are to be completed in your own time.

Full-time, on-campus education, designed for students wanting to study in Australia

EIT on-campus programs include classroom sessions, practical lab exercises, assessments, class discussions, and personal study. Additionally, our students have access to industry experts based around the globe through live and interactive online presentations. Our students have access to a personalized Learning Management System where all course materials are available 24/7.

All EIT programs provide access to remote laboratories and cutting-edge simulation software. Hands-on laboratory practicals are an essential component of EIT's programs to ensure our students put theory into practice. These hands-on workshops cover the major discipline-specific applied skills required for competency in engineering practice.

Practical, relevant, industry driven courses

EIT's programs are specially designed by an international body of industry experts, ensuring ours students graduate with cutting-edge skills. Any theory is presented in context, supported by practical applications and will be relevant to the industries you are in or striving to enter. We want our students to develop exciting and challenging careers in industry. It is important to us, that the skills and knowledge you acquire are relevant and required by employers. We are in regular contact with leading industry groups and corporations to ensure that the materials we present match real-world demand.

Presented by some of the finest engineering lecturers selected from around the world

The lecturers and instructors presenting EIT courses are experienced engineers and subject specialists. There is every possibility that one of these practitioners has tackled challenges that are similar to those that you will or do face daily at work.

The technologies employed by EIT, both online and on-campus, enable us to source our lecturers from a large, global pool of expertise.

Whether you study online or on-campus, EIT lecturers are also available after class.

Education and training for the engineering industries of today: increasingly driven by technology

EIT is committed to providing a dynamic and interesting learning experience. An essential part of this is the live component of the online classes, and the blended approach to learning of on-campus classes. These interactive classes, where the human face of the lecturer and technology collide, are motivational and stimulating.

Students are supported by an advanced Learning Management System. They also take part in practical sessions with access to remote (and physical) laboratories or application sharing. Students can see the immediate results of their experimentations.

Access to enormous depth of reference and research materials

EIT has established an extensive collection of practical technical reference books and continues to expand on the large collection of downloadable reference materials via this website. Enrolled students have access to specific course materials through EIT learning management system.

Enrolled students have access to specific course materials through EIT’s Learning Management System and to a number of prestigious online libraries.

Cost effective with a choice of payment plans

Despite EIT's human-centric approach to education, the online option of learning is inevitably more affordable than its campus counterpart.

EIT does endeavor to keep costs down and offers a number of scholarships to help students studying online and on-campus.

Students also have some flexibility when it comes to course fees; various payment options are available, and students may also defer their studies – their payments can be frozen until they are ready to re-join.

The option to defer is also useful for students who may need a little time out for family or work.

Dedicated Learning Support Officers (LSOs), for student support

Remote and on-campus students need support, encouragement and a go-to person. Our students are supported by dedicated Learning Support Officers (LSOs) for the duration of their studies, giving them a greater chance of success. If you choose to study a diploma or advanced diploma, one person is dedicated to you for the duration of your studies. Students studying our degrees will have a committed LSO for each unit of study.

EIT maintains small class sizes to ensure the learning has a personal touch.

It is a common concern of students that their specific needs may not be met by an impersonal institution. EIT is determined to listen and respond to students, providing personalized attention both online and on-campus.  The interactive class sizes are capped (depending upon the subject), giving students the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other students

Create your own technical support network via the EIT Alumni group

Every EIT graduate is automatically registered as a member of EIT Alumni. Graduates who gain the most from Alumni membership are those who put the benefits to work. They network with professional contacts, get advance notice of upcoming EIT courses and special events (and those of our partners), and receive notifications of special pricing and exclusive arrangements for technical resources.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is dedicated to ensuring our students receive a world-class education and gain skills they can immediately implement in the workplace upon graduation. Our staff members uphold our ethos of honesty and integrity, and we stand by our word because it is our bond. Our students are also expected to carry this attitude throughout their time at our institute, and into their careers.