Course Fees

What are the fees for my country?

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) provides quality education to students located almost anywhere in the world – it is one of the very few truly global training institutes. Course fees are paid in a currency that is determined by the student’s location. A full list of fees in a currency appropriate for every country would be complex to navigate and, with today’s exchange rate fluctuations, difficult to maintain. Instead we aim to give you a rapid response regarding fees that are adequate to your individual circumstances.

We understand that cost is a major consideration before a student decides to study. For a rapid reply to your query regarding courses fees and payment options, please contact us by any of the means outlined below and we will be happy to promptly assist you.

- Complete the course query webform available here.

- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Live Chat platform on

- Phone: please visit our Contact webpage for details of all international EIT offices

A Course Advisor will then be able to provide detailed and accurate fee information to every potential student.

EIT Professional Certificate of Competency Course Payment Options

Please contact us with your location for Professional Certificate of Competency fees in the relevant currency. Certificate fees include all live webinars with a professional instructor, 4 technical manuals (as searchable eBooks), course materials, software, assignments and ongoing support. All you need to participate is an Internet connection, computer, speakers and, if possible, a microphone.

EIT Advanced Diploma Course Payment Options

There are two payment options available for EIT's Advanced Diploma programs:


Pay the total amount upfront and receive a 5% reduction in your fees.


Pay in even monthly amounts. First payment is required at least four weeks before the course starts, then one on the same date every month for the remaining period.

Tuiton fees

Your tuition fees include webinars with leading engineering and technical experts, technical eBooks, program materials, software, plus grading and support from the program coordinators and lecturers. Students on certain programs may also need to plan to spend a certain amount on text books not included in the tuition fees. You can request more information from one of our Course Advisors.

We provide flexible payment options and can accept fees in a variety of currencies. Please contact us for fees in an appropriate currency for your location.

Additional Fees

The following additional fees may apply:

Deferred and Supplementary Assessments and Examinations – The tuition fee will include one attempt at the examination or assessment. If further attempts are required an additional fee may be applied.

Cancellation Fees may apply if a student withdraws either prior to or after the start of delivery of a unit or course.

Deferment - There is no fee for suspension of studies, however, if the student wishes to continue the program at a later date, a re-joining fee may apply.

For detailed information on all relevant fees, please see EIT’s Higher Education Tuition Payment and Refund policy, available at or contact EIT directly.

Fee Refund Policy

Students who choose to cancel applications or withdraw from a program may be eligible for a partial or full refund depending on several factors such as: payment methods, date of withdrawal/cancellation and student progress.

For detailed information please see EIT’s Higher Education Tuition Payment and Refund Policy, available at or contact EIT directly.

Interested in group bookings? Discounts are available for group bookings

For a rapid reply to your query regarding courses fees and payment options, please complete the Contact Form available HERE.