Kerry Newlin

Kerry is a nurse practitioner currently working for the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), leading the organisation’s work in diabetes as the Endocrine Network Manager. In addition to her work with ACI, Kerry is a course writer and tutor for Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia in the school of nursing and midwifery.  Kerry has a doctorate of health sciences degree with a focus in global health and health system reform.  Kerry, originally from California, United States has over 30 years experience in nursing and midwifery. From 1993-2003, Kerry was the senior medical provider in a California public health clinic, taking care of paediatric to geriatric patients and all those in between.  From 2005 to 2011, Kerry worked extensively in Africa and East Timor with various humanitarian aid organisations. Kerry is happily married to a biomedical engineer and since 2011, has called Sydney, Australia home. 

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