Gert Coetzee
Gert has 27 years boiler experience. He has been Director of his company, Boiler Management Services, for the past 17 years. They provide specialist services designed to keep the Boiler Plant operating safely and efficiently, thereby eliminating the high cost of maintenance, inefficiencies, air pollution or even Boiler failure.
He spent the majority of his years as a Director for many companies and in those years developed the first competence based video training programme for boiler attendants in South Africa, which was approved by the Institute of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, the Department of Manpower, Air Pollution Control – Cape Town, City Council and the National Association for Clean Air.
He is also currently consulting to the industry that has Boilers with the objective of improving the overall efficiency and reduced air pollution. 
Gert’s knowledge is second to none, he is enthusiastic and experienced in all aspects of boilers, and will ensure you leave this workshop with knowledge that will immediately aid you in your work environment.

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