Fabian Fernandez 
Fabian Fernandez started his career as a Marine Engineer in the merchant marine fleet. He has extensive operational experience with various large power plants – Diesel and also later on with steam turbines. He has also operated various types of auxiliary equipments, like boilers, pumps, purifiers, AC systems, cranes , etc.

After leaving the Marine industry, he spent more than 10 years in the Oil Palm Sector, where he managed plants for various plantation companies in Malaysia and overseas. In this sector, he had control over up to 200 personnel and was also in charge of large transport fleets, heavy equipments like excavators as well as managing not just the palm oil processing plant but also the central workshops. 
He has also been involved with Maintenance and Reliability for a large MNC and was one of the 9 professionals for the whole MNC. 
He has an intense desire for learning and to upgrade his skills. Besides having qualifications as a Certified Marine Engineer, he also is a Certified Steam Engineer and holds an MBA from the University of Wales, Cardiff, Wales.

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