Braam Burchardt
Braam started his career in electrical engineering by serving an apprenticeship on the Zambian copper mines.After qualifying, he moved to South Africa where he obtained Government Certificates of Competency, in both electrical and mechanical engineering, and worked for a number of years as an Engineer on various gold, diamond, platinum, coal and titanium mines.

He was subsequently recruited by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), where he attained the rank of Principal Inspector.  His work entailed investigating serious mine accidents involving mechanical and electrical plant and equipment.  He was also often called to present evidence in criminal and civil courts.  Braam studied for a degree in Electrical Engineering with a DMR bursary.
Braam is the Principal Member of the consulting firm, Burchardt Technical Services cc, which he established in 1998.  He is also the owner of an electrical construction company, RB Electrical.  In the past two decades Braam has worked on major mining projects for Rio Tinto, both in South Africa and abroad.

Braam has a passion for educating young engineers and freelances as an instructor for mining companies, IDC Technologies and others. He also has an interest in writing and (late in his career) obtained a diploma in journalism.

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