Akhlaqur Rahman

Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman (AK) is currently a Lecturer at Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT). AK has been teaching at a higher education level for 8 years (since 2012). In 2019, he completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Before that he completed BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from American International University- Bangladesh in 2012. AK has also been the Department Coordinator and Lecturer at Uttara University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His research Interest Includes: Cloud Networked Robotics, Industrial Automation, Smart Manufacturing, IoT, Electrical Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Till date, Dr. AK has published 1 Q1 and 2 Q2 Journals, while also attending several IEEE conferences (GLOBECOM, ISAECT, ICAMechS, ISGT-Asia). As a passionate academic, Akhlaqur follows the philosophy that, “Scientists discover the world that exists; Engineers create the world that never was”, hence tries his utmost best to prepare the engineers of the future.


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