Bobbie Garande works in the Electrical Utility industry. He is currently employed as a Technical Specialist at Western Power, an energy provider iEIT Stock Imagen Western Australia. He obtained his Advanced Diploma in Applied Electrical Engineering from EIT, in 2011.

Since then, he has gone on to earn his Master of Engineering Management through Southern Cross University in New South Wales and is now pursuing his Master of Project Management; he is on track to graduate in December 2018.

Garande says that since getting his EIT qualification, he has gained recognition in the industry, and received credits on degree courses at some leading universities. He says that employers have welcomed his qualification and can see the results of it in his performance at work.

“It has earned me a lot of respect from my peers and my superiors because of the knowledge I display,” he said. “I feel I have the sufficient knowledge to tackle any engineering problems at my level including the ability to progress to a master degree and pass with good grades too.”

Bobbie says that he yearns to be a leading engineering project manager, and is committed to continuing his professional development through what he describes as “lifelong education”.