Shepard Ngoni realized he needed to learn more about automation due to advances in technology that were affecting his workplace. After completing his 52708WA - Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation, his newfound knowledge gave him the confidence to open his own automotive engineering workshop, plus a company that specializes in automation. 

Since graduating from EIT two years, Zimbabwean born Shepard has been a member of our esteemed alumni community. However, his journey with engineering education, which started when he was in high school, is far from over. 

“As a high school student, I always admired the field of engineering as I was good in the fields of science subjects. From high school, I went straight into the field of automotive engineering as an apprentice with a national bus company, doing my theoretical studies with a polytechnic college in Harare.” 

His automotive engineering studies took him four years to complete and included a lot of practical hands-on work, coupled with a theoretical research component. However, after completing his apprenticeship, he decided he wanted to continue learning. So, he enrolled in a diploma in motor vehicle technology.

At the same time, he worked as a diesel mechanic before deciding to move to South Africa from Zimbabwe. Once he arrived in South Africa, he worked in various companies, including Sandvik, Anglo American, and Lonmin Mines. 

“I then decided to get out of Africa to seek greener pastures. That’s when I went to work in the United Arab Emirates. I worked as a drill rig technician for Sandvik, specializing in surface drill rigs made by Tamrock. During this time, I realized that the industry was swiftly shifting from being mechanical to being a more automated kind of industry. I felt I needed to bridge that gap as soon as possible.” 

He subsequently enrolled for the 52708WA - Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation with the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT). He believed that the modules EIT offered him were in-line with what he thought he lacked in his career. During this time, he made his way back to South Africa, working as a maintenance engineer with a transformer manufacturing company. 

“The studies made my work much easier and helped me to understand the design and architecture of all kinds of machines, including motor vehicle process and system design. The qualification I got from EIT enables me to be registered as an engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa.” 

Shepard says that the impact his advanced diploma has made on his career is huge, having given him the confidence to open an automotive engineering workshop that specializes in German-engineered vehicles. On top of that, he has also started a company that specializes in automation. His daily responsibilities include process analysis, troubleshooting, job allocations, and supervision. 

He is looking forward to passing the baton to the next generation and training them up so they can also be ready for the kinds of engineering work of the future. 

However, Shepard is still broadening his skills and knowledge — he is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering) with EIT. He plans to continue studying until he has achieved his Ph.D. By then, he believes he would have mastered this new world of automation in the engineering industry. We are proud to have him on our alumni list and wish him well for his future endeavors. 

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